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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

SSC Quiz | General Studies | 17 -10-17

Mahendra Guru

Q1. Which was the first Indian News Paper to offer an online edition? 

(A) Hindustan Times 

(B) The Times of India 

(C) The Hindu 

(D) The Indian Express 

Answer-(C) The Hindu 

Q2. The main kingdom of Kanishka was:- 

(A) Purushpur 

(B) Alipur 

(C) Indraprastha 

(D) Prayag 

Answer-(A) Purushpur 

Q3. Operation ‘Sankat Mochan’ was carried out by Union Government to evacuate Indian citizens 

stranded in __________. 

(A) South Sudan 

(B) North Korea 

(C) Sri-Lanka 

(D) Pakistan 

Answer-(A) South Sudan 

Q4. The Kumbh Mela at Allahabad was initiated by which King? 

(A) Harshvardhan 

(B) Dhruvasena 

(C) Narsimhavarman 

(D) Akbar 

Answer- (A) Harshvardhan 

Q5. What instrument is used to measure the intensity of earthquakes? 

(A) Seismograph 

(B) Quake meter 

(C) Barometer 

(D) None of these 

Answer-(A) Seismograph 

Q6. Which is the tallest peak in the Himalayan mountain range? 

(A) Hindu Kush 

(B) Mt Everest 

(C) Kunlun 

(D) Tirich Mir 

Answer- (B) Mt Everest 

Q7. Paul Betty won “2016 man booker prize” for his novel:- 

(A) The White Boy Shuffle 

(B) The Sell Out 

(C) Tuff 

(D) Slumber-land 

Answer- (B) The Sell Out 

Q8. Total number of articles in the Universal Declaration of Human rights are ___________. 

(A) 20 

(B) 30 

(C) 15 

(D) 24 

Answer-(B) 30 

Q9. What is the minimum Age criteria for contesting for Presidentship in India? 

(A) 35 years 

(B) 30 years 

(C) 28 years 

(D) 21 years 

Answer-(A) 35 years 

Q10. Hiuen Tsang came to India from which place? 

(A) Japan 

(B) Tibet 

(C) China 

(D) Iran 

Answer-(C) China


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