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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

SSC Quiz | General Studies | 11-10-17

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SSC Quiz | General Studies | 11-10-17

Q1. ____________ comprises the archaeological remains of a monastic and scholastic institution. 

(A) Nalanda 

(B) Rani ki vav 

(C) Hill Forts of Rajasthan 

(D) Fatehpur Sikri 

Answer-(A) Nalanda 

Q2. Which of these Indians has not won a Nobel Award? 

(A) Rabindranath Tagore 

(B) C. V. Raman 

(C) Satyajit Ray 

(D) Amartya Sen 

Answer-(C) Satyajit Ray 

Q3. Elapidae Naja is the scientific name of _______. 

(A) Cobra 

(B) Elephant 

(C) Eagle 

(D) Owl 

Answer-(A) Cobra 

Q4.What is the chemical formula of aluminium nitride? 

(A) AlN 

(B) Al2N 

(C) AlN2 

(D) AlN2 


Q5.Atomic number of which of the following elements is greater than that of Chlorine 

(A) Potassium 

(B) Sulphur 

(C) Aluminium 

(D) Phosphorus 

Answer-(A) Potassium 

Q6. Commonly used abbreviation ISP in computer science stands for? 

(A) Internet Service Provider 

(B) Intranet Service Provider 

(C) Internet Systems Provider 

(D) Intranet Systems Provider 

 Answer-(A) Internet Service Provider 

Q7. Ghoomar is a folk dance of _______. 

(A) Mizoram 

(B) Puducherry 

(C) Gujarat 

(D) Rajasthan 

Answer-(D) Rajasthan 

Q8. If a perfectly competitive firm can increase its profits by increasing its output, then that firm's product's _____. 

(A) Price exceeds its marginal costs 

(B) Price exceeds its average total costs 

(C) Average variable costs exceed its average total costs 

(D) Fixed costs are zero 

Answer-(A) price exceeds its marginal costs 

Q9. Uraninite is an ore/mineral of _______. 

(A) Zinc 

(B) Uranium 

(C) Titanium 

(D) Aluminium 

Answer-(B) Uranium 

Q10. Name India's oldest credit information bureau. 

(A) RBI 



(D) UTI 

Answer-(B) CIBIL

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