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Monday, 9 October 2017

SSC Quiz | General Studies | 09-10-17

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SSC Quiz | General Studies | 23-09-17

Q1. The famous Dilwara temples of Mount Abu are a sacred pilgrimage place for the

(A) Buddhists

(B) Jains

(C) Sikhs

(D) Parsis

Answer-(B) Jains

Q2. Phosphorus is kept in water because

(A) its ignition temperature is very high

(B) its ignition temperature is very low

(C) its critical temperature is high

(D) its critical temperature is low

Answer-(B) its ignition temperature is very low

Q3. Sariska and Ranthambore are the reserves for which of the following

(A) Lion

(B) Deer

(C) Tiger

(D) Bear

Answer-(C) Tiger
Q4. Who was the author of "India of My Dreams"?

(A) J.B. Kripalani

(B) M.K. Gandhi

(C) Gopal Krishna Gokhale

(D) Jawaharlal Nehru

Answer-(B) M.K. Gandhi

Q5. Who among the following was the court physician of Kanishka?

(A) Vasumitra

(B) Nagarjuna

(C) Charaka

(D) Patanjali

Answer-(C) Charaka

Charka was the court physician of Kanishka . He was one of the principal contributors to the ancient art and science of Ayurveda, a system of medicine and lifestyle developed in Ancient India.

Q6. In which year did the Kakori conspiracy case take place?

(A) 1925

(B) 1926

(C) 1927

(D) 1928

Answer-(A) 1925

Q7. Where is the high court of Madhya Pradesh State situated?

(A) Jabalpur

(B) Indore

(C) Bhopal

(D) Sagar

Answer-(A) Jabalpur

Q8. Hair is composed of protein called

(A) Globulin

(B) Mucin

(C) Keratin

(D) Casein

Answer-(C) Keratin

Q9. Subordinate courts are supervised by__________

(A) Supreme Court

(B) District Court

(C) High Court

(D) Parliament

Answer-(C) High Court

Q10. What is the width of broad gauge railway line in India?

(A) 5 feet 3 inches

(B) 5 feet 6 inches

(C) 4 feet 11 inches

(D) 5 feet 4 inches

Answer-(B) 5 feet 6 inches

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