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Monday, 2 October 2017

SSC Quiz | General Studies | 02-10-17

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SSC Quiz | General Studies | 23-09-17

Q 1 India’s Jhoom cultivation is known by which among the following names in Malaysia?

(A) Ladang

(B) Tamrai

(C) Chena

(D) Tungya

Answer (A) Ladang

Q 2 Which of the following are two works of Kalidasa?

(A) Raghuvamsha and Kiratarjuniya

(B) Kumara Sambhav and Raghuvamsha

(C) Malti Madhava and Kumara Sambhava

(D) Arthashastra and Kumara Sambhava

Answer (B) Kumara Sambhav and Raghuvamsha

Q 3. When a helium atom loses an electron it becomes

(A) An alpha particle

(B) A negative helium Ion

(C) A positive Helium ion

(D) A proton

Answer (C) A positive Helium ion

When a helium atom loses electrons, it get positive charge because the number of protons in the helium atom becomes greater than the number of electrons. When helium atom loses one electron it becomes positive ion with +1 charge.

Q 4. What is Jain literature called?

(A) Tripitik

(B) Vedas

(C) Arya Sutra

(D) Agam

Answer (D) Agam

Q 5. What type of disease is Haemophilia?

(A) Genetic disease

(B) Viral disease

(C) Bacterial diseases

(D) Protozoa borne disease

Answer (A) Genetic disease

Q 6. Who among the following has written “Bharat Durdasha”?

(A) Maithili Sharan Gupt

(B) Munshi Prem Chand

(C) Swami Sahajanand Saraswati

(D) Bharatendu Harishchandra

Answer (D) Bharatendu Harishchandra

Q 7. What is the meaning of the term 'URL' used in internet technology?

(A) Uniform Resource Locator

(B) Unique Resource Locator

(C) Uniform Remote Locator

(D) Unique Remote Locator

Ans (A) Uniform Resource Locator

Q 8 Which hormone is known as emergency hormone?

(A) Insulin

(B) Adrenaline

(C) Melatonin

(D) Thyroxine

Answer (B) Adrenaline

Adrenaline hormone is known as emergency hormone.

Q 9 Who has been appointed as the CEO of Prasar Bharati based on the recommendation of the three-member committee headed by Vice President?

(A) Shashi Shekhar Vempati

(B) Ananya Vinay

(C) Sudhir Singh

(D) Nikhil Kaushik

Answer (A) Shashi Shekhar Vempati

Q 10 What is India's rank in the Global Peace Index 2017?

(A) 103

(B) 121

(C) 137

(D) 154

Answer-(c) 137

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