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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

SSC Quiz | English Language | 10 - 10 - 17

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SSC Quiz | English Language | 23 - 09 - 17

In the questions given below, choose the word most opposite in meaning to the given word and mark your answer.

Q.1. Adjacent

(A) Distant

(B) Blight

(C) Adjoining

(D) Bluster

Answer. (A) Distant

For Other Options- Blight- to spoil something, Bluster- to speak in a noisy manner

Q.2. Emit

(A) Hold

(B) Emanate

(C) Produce

(D) Bohemian

Answer. (A) Hold

For Other Option- Bohemian- unconventional and artistic way

Q.3. Disclose

(A) Release

(B) Divulge

(C) Conceal

(D) Bovine

Answer. (C) Conceal

For Other Option- Bovine- slow and stupid

Q.4. Controversy

(A) Debate

(B) Agreement

(C) Argument

(D) Browbeat

Answer. (B) Agreement

For Other Option- Browbeat- to intimidate

Q.5. Consistent

(A) Reliable

(B) Trustworthy

(C) Dishonest

(D) Bumptious

Answer. (C) Dishonest

For Other Option- Bumptious- arrogant

Q.6. Censure

(A) Approval

(B) Contempt

(C) Condemnation

(D) Bolster

Answer. (A) Approval

For Other Option- Bolster- support

Q.7. Gratify

(A) Oblige

(B) Displease

(C) Enchant

(D) Burgeon

Answer. (B) Displease

For Other Option- Burgeon- to grow very rapidly

Q.8. Reverence

(A) Disrespect

(B) Courtesy

(C) Regards

(D) Bout

Answer. (A) Disrespect

For Other Option- Bout- a short period of intense activity

Q.9. Cast

(A) Actual

(B) Cadence

(C) Troupe

(D) Cabal

Answer. (A) Actual

For Other Options- Cabal- a group of people involved in a plot, Cadence- cat dance

Q.10. Taciturn

(A) Knacker

(B) Lapidary

(C) Reserved

(D) Communicative

Answer. (D) Communicative

For Other Options- Lapidary- worker in a precious stone factory

Knacker- to make somebody very tired

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