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Thursday, 5 October 2017

SSC Quiz | English Language | 05 - 10 - 17

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SSC Quiz | English Language | 23 - 09 - 17

In the questions given below, choose the word most opposite in meaning to the given word and mark your answer.

Q.1. Surmount

(A) Defeat

(B) Apposite

(C) Fail

(D) Conquer

Answer. (C) Fail

Q.2. Prodigious

(A) Arduous

(B) Usual

(C) Behmoth

(D) Abnormal

Answer. (B) Usual

Q.3. Sojourn

(A) Break

(B) Prolongation

(C) Arrack

(D) Stopover

Answer. (B) Prolongation

 Q.4. Requisite

(A) Derelict

(B) Non- Essential

(C) Required

(D) Gambit

Answer. (B) Non- Essential

For Other Options- Derelict- a person without home, Gambit- a risky action

Q.5. Ardent

(A) Zealous

(B) Glean

(C) Indifferent

(D) Deleterious

Answer. (C) Indifferent

For Other Options- Glean- to collect, Deleterious- harmful

Q.6. Reward

(A) Bonus

(B) Diabolical

(C) Homily

(D) Penalty

Answer. (D) Penalty
For Other Options- Diabolical- very bad, Homily- religious talk

Q.7. Emigrant

(A) Hirsute

(B) Resident

(C) Expatriate

(D) Dormant

Answer. (B) Resident

For Other Options- Hirsute- hairy, Dormant- lazy

Q.8. Specify

(A) Refuse

(B) Dolorous

(C) Indicate

(D) Hiatu

Answer. (A) Refuse

For Other Options- Dolorous- sad, Hiatus- a gap

Q.9. Immigrant

(A) Halcyon

(B) Emigrant

(C) Dissemble

(D) Colonist

Answer. (B) Emigrant

For Other Options- Halcyon- happy, Dissemble- to hide

Q.10. Spontaneous

(A) Horrendous

(B) Intended

(C) Natural

(D) Espouse

Answer. (B) Intended

For Other Options- Horrendous- horrible, Espouse- support

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