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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

SSC Quiz | English Language | 03 - 10 - 17

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SSC Quiz | English Language | 23 - 09 - 17

1. One must learn (a)/ to distinguish (b)/ good from bad. (c)/ No error(d)

2. The children (a)/ laughed at (b)/ the clown (c)/ No error(d)

3. Had the plane not been delayed, (a)/ I will reach here (b)/ in time for the function. (c)/ No

4. In India, hill stations (a)/ usually have (b)/ beautiful sceneries. (c)/ No error(d)

5. She was ill for five days (a)/ when the doctor (b)/ was sent for. (c)/ No error(d)

6. Shakespeare has written (a)/ many plays (b)/ as well as some poetries. (c)/ No error(d)

7. Neither of the girls (a)/ were willing to (b)/ accept the proposal. (c)/ No error(d)

8. A interesting book (a)/ ‘A Tale of two cities’ (b)/ was written by Alexander Dumas. (c)/ No error(d)

9. In India (a)/ there are (b)/ many poors (c)/ No error(d)

10. I worked (a)/ as medical representative (b)/ for eight months. (c)/ No error(d)


Ans 1- (b) use ‘how’ before ‘to distinguish’

Ans 2- (d)

Ans 3- (b) use ‘would have reached’ instead of ‘will reach’

Ans 4- (c) use ‘scenery’ instead of ‘sceneries’

Ans 5- (a) use ‘had been ill’ instead of ‘was ill’

Ans 6- (c) use ‘poetry’ instead of ‘poetries’

Ans 7- (b) use ‘was’ instead of ‘were’

Ans 8- (a) use ‘an’ instead of ‘a’

Ans 9- (c) use ‘poor’ instead of ‘poors’

Ans 10- (b) use ‘a’ or ‘the’ before ‘medical’

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