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Monday, 2 October 2017

IBPS PO Quiz For English Language | 02- 10 - 17

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ch Organisation (Isro)—from launching its own __(1)__system to successfully testing a reusable launch vehicle. On Monday, Isro logged yet another ‘first’—with the launch _(2)_ a vehicle that can
transverse orbits. Its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C35) carried eight satellites, five of which __(3)__international missions from Algeria, the US and Canada, to be __(4)__in two different orbits. While ScatSat-1—India’s weather satellite—was _(5)_ at an altitude of 724 km, the other seven were released at 670km.
The multi-orbit satellite launcher is a milestone in itself, but it also enables Isro to __(6)__such service globally, as a top brand._(7)_, with its recent milestones achieved at a fraction of what its global counterparts incur, it has the potential to _(8)_ the major players like the space organisations of the EU, the US and Russia, _(9)_ account for 80% of the market. While ISRO sure-footedly builds its reputation as a low-cost satellite carrier, the laurels it is stacking up give it a boost against private sector competitors like Tesla-founder Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Amazon-founder Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin. More__(10)__, with companies vying to launch satellites of their own to have geospatial capability, Isro may see windfall gains from its commercial activity in the coming years.
Q.1-     (1) planet                                (2) satellite                            (3) company
(4) moon                                  (5) rocket
Q.2-     (1) of                               (2) on                              (3) from      
          (4) to                              (5) off
Q.3-     (1) in order to                         (2) due to                                (3) because of
(4) belong to                         (5) owing to
Q.4-     (1) estimated                          (2) situated                              (3) put
(4) conditioned                       (5) placed
Q.5-     (1) released                     (2) launch                       (3) published
          (4) went                          (5) done
Q.6-     (1) offer                                 (2) push                                   (3) take
(4) apply                                  (5) demand
Q.7-     (1) Notwithstanding               (2) Moreover                    (3) And
          (4) Otherwise                  (5) In fact
Q.8.   (1) disrupt                       (2) disturbance                (3) managed
            (4) applies                                (5) fill
Q.9.     (1) which                         (2) who                           (3) whom
          (4) whose                        (5) why
Q.10-     (1) insignificant                    (2) important                         (3) substitute
(4) useless                                (5) impressive

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