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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Bank Quiz: Computer Knowledge | 04 -10-17

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Bank Quiz: Computer Knowledge | 04 -09-17

1. A floppy disk contains
A) Circular tracks only
B) Sectors only
C) Both circular tracks and sectors
D) None of these
E) All of these
2. The capacity of 3.5 inch floppy disk is
A) 1.40 MB
B) 1.44 GB
C) 1.40 GB
D) 1.44 MB
E) None of these
3. The contribution of Konrad Zuse was long ignored because
A) He made the computers secretly
B) his computers were very complicated and it took time for the people to recognize its power
C) of political reasons. He was German.
D) All of these
E) None of these
ANS-C 4. Any method for controlling access to or use of memory is known
A) Memory map
B) Memory protection
C) Memory management
D) Memory instruction
E) None of these
ANS-B 5. In what respect computers are superior to human beings?
A) Diligence
B) Intelligence
C) Both A and B
D) Perception
E) None of these
ANS-A 6. Com in Latin is
A) intensifying prefix
B) intensifying suffix
C) a term that means to reckon
D) None of these
E) All of these
ANS-A 7. The system unit of a personal computer typically contains all of the following except:
A) Microprocessor
B) Disk controller
C) Serial interface
D) Modem
E) None of these ANS-D 8. Which of the following is related to fifth generation computers?
A) Knowledge information processing system
B) Very large scale integration (VLSI)
C) Both of these
D) Only b
E) None of these
ANS-A 9. The process of starting a or restarting a computer system by loading instructions from a secondary storage device into the computer memory is called
A) Duping
B) Booting
C) Padding
E) None of these
ANS-B 10. MSI stands for
A) Medium Scale Integrated Circuits
B) Medium System Integrated Circuits
C) Medium Scale Intelligent Circuit
D) Medium System Intelligent Circuit
E) None of these

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