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Friday, 15 September 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS PO Based) | 15 - 09 - 17

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1.  HYPOCRITE (NOUN): person who pretends, is deceitful

Synonyms: charlatan, trickster    
Antonyms: true, genuine

Example Sentence:

His friend wrongly said that he was a hypocrite.

 2. HEARSAY (NOUN): unsubstantiated information

Synonyms: rumors, grapevine        

Antonyms: reality, truth

Example Sentence: 

One should not believe in hearsay.

3. TEEM (VERB): Overflow

Synonyms: overrun, full                      

Antonyms: lack, need

 Example Sentence: 

The sagas teem with references to the inhabitants.

4. VARNISH (VERB): add a layer to; embellish 

Synonyms: lacquer, cover              

 Antonyms: uncover, reveal

Example Sentence: 

The painter varnished the doors. 

5. COY (ADJECTIVE): bashful

Synonyms: skittish, timid                       

Antonyms: aggressive, forward

Example Sentence:

Saloni gave him a coy smile.

6.  SMEAR (VERB)To make something blurred

Synonyms: smudge, stained                     

 Antonyms: clean, purify

Example Sentence:

She brushed against the newly painted notice and smeared the lettering.

 7. JINX (NOUN): Curse

Synonyms: enchantment, spell                  

 Antonyms: boon, benefit

Example Sentence:

Superstitious persons consider number thirteen a jinx.

 8.  MELEE (NOUN): stampede

Synonyms: battle, fight                                 

Antonyms: calm, harmony

Example Sentence: 

In the Kumbh fair many pilgrims were injured in the melee.

 9. CASTIGATE (VERB): condemn

Synonyms: denounce, vilify                          

Antonyms: applaud, laud

Example Sentence: 

Nuclear explosions must be castigated by the world powers.

10. DECRY (VERB): criticize

Synonyms: blame, derogate                        

Antonyms: approve, praise

Example Sentence: 

The foreign policy of the party has always been decried.

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