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Monday, 11 September 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS PO Based) | 11 - 09 - 17

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Synonyms: noticeable, salient         

Antonyms: inconspicuous, unremarkable

Example Sentence: 

During the summer season, the flies are very conspicuous all around.

2. ECSTASY (NOUN): joy

Synonyms: felicity, enchantment                          

 Antonyms: misery, woet

Example Sentence: 

He was famous for his ecstasy of the passion.

3. REGRESS (VERB): Fall back 

Synonyms: back slide, retreat               

Antonyms: develop, forge

Example Sentence: 

Many students start regressing into the practice of not studying once they get a position in the class.

4. DYSPATHY (NOUN): Animosity

Synonyms: Aversion, animus                         

Antonyms: love,   rapport

Example Sentence: 

My dyspathy for John is so great that I can not stand to be around him.


Synonyms: Nebulous, Baggy                     

Antonyms: Definite, Distinct  

Example Sentence: 

I could not make an idea because the painting was amorphous.


Synonyms: Reflect, Repeat                

Antonyms: Ignore, Reject

Example Sentence: 

DNA replicates itself in the cell nucleus.

7. EXULTANTLY (ADVERB): Cheerfully

Synonyms: Freely, Gladly               

Antonyms: Unsuccessfully, Unhappily

Example Sentence: 

The crowd let out an exultant cheer.

8. EVACUATE (VERB): Abandon  

Synonyms: Desert, Discharge            

Antonyms: Continue, Hold

Example Sentence:

Residents have been ordered to evacuate.

9. CONDUCE (VERB): Advance

Synonyms: Assist, Forward                   

Antonyms: Block, Decrease

Example Sentence: 

I would conduce for the further research.

10. OPUS (NOUN): Creation

Synonyms: Product, Production                           

Antonyms: Destruction, Ruin

Example Sentence:

The part of this work is called opus.

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