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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS PO Based) | 06 - 09 - 17

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1. BERATE (VERB): criticize hatefully

Synonyms: Chide, rebuke                                  

Antonyms: praise, compliment

Example Sentence:

She berated Anuj publically.


Synonyms: placid, serene                              

Antonyms: agitated, excited

Example Sentence:

She has very sedate personality.


Synonyms: macho, vibrant                     

Antonyms: effeminate, unmanly

Example Sentence:

Tanishk has a virile role to play in a movie.

4. ANNIHILATE (VERB): destroy completely

Synonyms: demolish, decimate          

Antonyms: build, construct

Example Sentence:

Very many places in Bihar got annihilated.

5. CLOUT (NOUN): influence

Synonyms: power, dominance     

Antonyms: powerlessness, imbecility

Example Sentence:

Everybody see the clout of the Prime Minister of India.

6. BROACH (VERB): open up discussion

Synonyms: bring up, moot                  

Antonyms: take back, deny

Example Sentence:

Asking, who was the guilty, Arnab broached the debate for every speaker.

7. RENEGADE (ADJECTIVE): rebellious

Synonyms: difficult, resistant       

Antonyms: Antonyms: obedient, dutiful

Example Sentence:

The teacher has never seen his renegade nature so far.

8. WINNOW (VERB): separate

Synonyms: terminate, expel                            

Antonyms:  include, hire

Example Sentence:

He was winnowed from his village due to some orthodox thinking of some people.

9. APPRAISE (VERB): calculate

Synonyms: estimate, evaluate                   

Antonyms:  ignore, neglect

Example Sentence:

He appraised my performance and chose me for a reward.

10. IMPUGN (VERB): contradict

Synonyms: oppose, question                       

Antonyms: compliment, support

Example Sentence:

She impugned her father’s idea of involving in the family business.

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