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Monday, 4 September 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS PO Based) | 04 - 09 - 17

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The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS PO Based) | 04 - 09 - 17


Synonyms: clamorous, boisterous     

Antonyms: calm, serene

Example Sentence: 

It was vociferous dance session.

2. UPBRAID (VERB): scold

Synonyms: admonish, berate    

Antonyms: forgive, compliment

Example Sentence: 

The police officer did not hesitate to upbraid the man for driving without insurance.

3. VIABLE (ADJECTIVE): reasonable

Synonyms: practicable, applicable    

Antonyms: impossible, unfeasible

Example Sentence: 

The two small bookstores see a merger as the only viable means of competing with online booksellers.

4. WREAK (VERB): avenge

Synonyms: destroy, demolish       

Antonyms: construct, repair

Example Sentence: 

Terrorists love to wreak damage wherever they can.

5. WANE (VERB): separate

Synonyms: disconnect, detach       

Antonyms: attach, connect

Example Sentence:

She waned her individual ideas from the group.

6. UNEARTH (VERB): dig up

Synonyms: discover, excavate      

Antonyms: conceal, cover

Example Sentence: 

"workmen unearthed an ancient artillery shell".

7. VENT (VERB): express

Synonyms: utter, let out    

Antonyms: quiet, conceal

Example Sentence: 

She vented her clear thoughts over “women empowerment”.


Synonyms: petite, pint-sized        

 Antonyms: big, enormous 

Example Sentence: 

I am feeling diminutive hunger right now.


Synonyms: dire, devilish             

Antonyms: angelic, divine

Example sentence: 

He is a sinister person.

10. EFFETE (ADJECTIVE): spoiled

Synonyms: burnt up, corrupt    

Antonyms: capable, tireless

Example Sentence:

He is an effete kid.

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