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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

SSC Quiz | General Studies | 27-09-17

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SSC Quiz | General Studies | 23-09-17

Q 1. Which Chalukya King had the title of Sri Prithvi-Vallabha and Parameswara?

(A) Maharaja Kirtivarman

(B) Pulakesin I

(C) Pulakesin II

(D) Vikramaditya I

ans (C) Pulakesin II

Q 2. Non-clotting of blood is caused by deficiency of which vitamin?

(A) Vitamin B

(B) Vitamin C

(C) Vitamin D

(D) Vitamin K

Answer: (D) Vitamin K

Non-clotting of blood is caused by deficiency of vitamin-K.

Q 3. Which of the following are true regarding Jhum cultivation in India?
I. It is largely practiced in Assam

II. It is referred to as 'slash and burn' technique

III. In it, the fertility is exhausted in a few years

(A) I, II and III

(B) II and III

(C) I and II

(D) I and III

Answer: (A) I, II and III

Q 4. An employment situation where the marginal productivity of an agricultural labour is zero is known as

(A) Frictional unemployment

(B) Disguised unemployment

(C) Chronic unemployment

(D) Seasonal unemployment

Ans (B) Disguised unemployment

Q 5. For outstanding contribution to which one of the following fields is Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize given?

(A) Music

(B) Science

(C) Peace

(D) Social Service

Ans (B) Science

Q 6. The Salal Project is on the river

(A) Chenab

(B) Jhelum

(C) Ravi

(D) Sutlej

Answer: (A) Chenab

Explanation: Salal project is constructed on river Chenab in the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

Q.7 With an increase in production, fixed cost

(A) Remains constant

(B) Fluctuates

(C) Rises

(D) Falls

Ans (A) Remains constant

Q 8. The governor nominates how many members in the state legislative council?

(A) 1/3rd

(B) 1/12th

(C) 1/8th

(D) 1/6th

Ans (D) 1/6th

Q 9. The compound used in anti-malarial drug is

(A) Chloroquine

(B) Aspirin

(C) Neoprene

(D) Isoprene

Answer: (A) Chloroquine

Q 10. Which is the second largest gland of Human body?





Answer: (B) Pancreas

The largest Gland of human body is liver. And second largest gland is pancreas.

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