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Saturday, 16 September 2017

SSC Quiz | General Studies | 16-09-17

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SSC Quiz | General Studies | 13-09-17

1 What is the chemical name of Vitamin K -

Nicotinic acid





The chemical name of Vitamin K is Phylloquinone.

2 What was the name of Ujjain in ancient times?

A. Takshila

B. Awantika

C. Indraprashtha

D. None of the above

Ans : B

Ujjain was the capital of the ancient Avanti kingdom, one of the sixteen mahajanapadas. 

3 Which of the following gas is used in cigarette lighters?






Butane gas is used in cigarette lighters.

4 Musical instrument 'Tabla' was introduced by-

A. Adil Shah

B. Amir Khusrau

C. Tansen

D. Baiju Bawara


Musical instrument 'Tabla' was introduced by Amir Khusrau.

5 Who among the following was the court physician of Kanishka?

1) Vasumitra

2) Nagarjuna

3) Charaka

4) Patanjali

Correct Answer:C 

Charka was the court physician of Kanishka . He was one of the principal contributors to the ancient art and science of Ayurveda, a system of medicine and lifestyle developed in Ancient India. 

6 The region which is a water divide between the Ganga and Indus river systems is_______________

1) Haridwar

2) Namchobarva

3) Alakananda

4) Ambala

Correct Answer: D 

Ambala separates the Ganges River from the Indus River and is surrounded by two rivers – Ghaggar and Tangri.

7 Subordinate courts are supervised by__________

1) Supreme Court

2) District Court

3) High Court

4) Parliament


Subordinate courts are supervised by High Court.

8 Which of the following is the world's top environmental conservation award?

1) Golden Bear Award

2) Golden Panda Award

3) Golden Globe Award

4) Golden Palms Award


Golden Panda Award is the world's top environmental conservation award.

9 A galvanometer can be converted to a voltmeter by connecting-

1) A high resistance in parallel

2) A high resistance in series

3) A low resistance in series

4) A low resistance in parallel

Correct Answer: B 

In order to convert a Galvanometer into voltmeter, a very high resistance known as "series resistance" is connected in series with the galvanometer.

10 Bee sting contains________________

1) An acidic liquid

2) A salt solution

3) An alkaline liquid

4) None of these

Correct Answer:A

The formic acid is found in bee stings. The pH value of bee venom is 5.0-5.5.

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