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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

SSC Quiz | General Studies | 13-09-17

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SSC Quiz | General Studies | 13-09-17

Q.1. Salal is the hydro power project in :

(A) Haryana

(B) Jammu and Kashmir

(C) Himachal Pradesh

(D) Punjab

Q.2. During Quit India Movement, ‘Parallel Government’ was constituted at :

(A) Varanasi 

(B) Allahabad

(C) Lucknow 

(D) Ballia

Q.3. Liver is a RICH source of:

(A) sugars

(B) fat soluble vitamins

(C) minerals

(D) proteins

Q.4. Cuscuta is a :

(A) Saprophyte 

(B) Epiphyte

(C) Xerophyte 

(D) Parasite

Q.5. In the case of an inferior good, the income elasticity of demand is:

(A) Zero 

(B) Negative

(C) Infinite 

(D) Positive

Q.6. Nitrogen is an essential constituent of all:

(A) Fats 

(B) Proteins

(C) Vitamins 

(D) Carbohydrates

Q.7. The Sargasso sea is situated in the :

(A) Atlantic Ocean 

(B) Pacific Ocean

(C) Indian Ocean 

(D) Arctic Ocean

Q.8. Who discovered electromagnetic nature of light ?

(A) Snell 

(B) Newton

(C) Maxwell 

(D) Young

Q.9. Judges of the district courts are appointed by:

(A) Governor 

(B) Chief Minister

(C) Law Minister 

(D) President

Q.10. The Poona Pact (1932) was an agreement between:

(A) Nehru and Ambedkar

(B) Gandhi and Ambedkar

(C) Malaviya and Ambedkar

(D) Gandhi and Nehru


Q.1.(B) Salal is the Hydro power project in Jammu and Kashmir.
Q.2.(D) During Quit India Movement, ‘Parallel Government’, was constituted at Ballia.
Q.3.(B) Liver is a RICH source of minerals.
Q.4.(D) Cuscuta is a type of parasite.
Q.5.(B) A negative income elasticity of demand is associated with inferior goods; an increase in income will lead
to a fall in the demand and may lead to changes to more luxurious substitutes.
Q.6.(B) Nitrogen is an essential constituent of all proteins.
Q.7.(A) The Sargasso Sea is a region in the gyre in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.
Q.8.(C) Maxwell discovered electromagnetic nature of light.
Q.9.(A) Judges of the district courts are appointed by Governor.

Q.10.(B) The Poona Pact refers to an agreement between Dr. BR Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhi signed on 24 
September 1932 at Yerwada Central Jail in Pune (now in Maharashtra ), India.

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