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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

SSC Quiz | English Language | 27 - 09 - 17

Mahendra Guru
SSC Quiz | English Language | 23 - 09 - 17


1.1- The massive pollution cloud enveloping northern India every year

S-Is a good example of the disconnect between

Q-Official policy and ground realities.

P-It has been known for long that burning of agricultural waste in the northern States significantly contributes

R-To the poor air quality in large parts of the Indo-Gangetic Basin,

6- With local and cascading impacts felt from Punjab all the way to West Bengal.





2. 1- Tamil Nadu should show greater

Q-Understanding of the plight

S-Of the Sri Lankan Tamil fishermen,

P-Who are economically weaker and

R-Yet to fully recover from a devastating war,

6- And agree to a more reasonable phase-out period.





3. 1- The last major mass extinction event took place

Q-Around 66 million years ago, when a massive asteroid is thought to

P-Have hit the Earth, an impact of as much energy as millions

S-Of nuclear weapons detonating simultaneously.

R-Poor dinosaurs, they copped it then.

6- But so did three-quarters of the rest of the plant and animal species.





4. 1- Every measure to curb the release of pollutants

R-Is important since the weather pattern

Q-In the post-monsoon months causes smog to persist.

P-The capital experiences the inversion

S-Effect of air pressure retarding

6- The dispersal of the foul cloud.





5- 1. How long does an average human live?

Q-In 1900 the average life expectancy of humans across the world was 31 years, and today it is about 68.

P-This improvement is largely due to the fact that death-causing infection can now be won over by medicines that did not exist back then.

S-Proper nutrition, exercise and “good habits” are known to do so. Ayurveda,

R-Yoga, natural medicines and tonics are some of the “classical” methods in this context.

6- The more we learn about each of these, the more we understand the basis behind how they help (or hinder) the body in keeping fit.





6.1- Mumbai-based researchers have identified two microRNA biomarkers present in serum samples
Q-That could potentially be used for TB diagnosis and TB disease prognosis.
S-It could be used both for drug-sensitive pulmonary TB and multi-drug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) patients.
P-The results were published in the journal Tuberculosis.
R-The use of these biomarkers may expedite the diagnosis of MDR-TB.
6- In India, generally patients are first started on drug-sensitive TB drugs.
7. 1- Mridula Srinivasan is a marine biologist, presently, she is chief of

Q-Protected Species Science Branch at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, USA.

P-At NOAA, she advocates for and provides scientific advice on issues related to

S-Protected species such as dolphins, whales, corals, sea turtles and sea birds.

R-In this interview, she speaks of the importance of the scientific approach in

6- Conserving marine mammals such as dolphins and how it may be implemented in India.





8. 1- This is the new thinking that the state government is now promoting among farmers across

R-The State, training them in as many as 150 villages under the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme originally conceived by Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

S-The logic is simple: pests feeds only on plants,

Q-Whereas the beneficial insects -- such as the spider, ground beetle, wasp,

P-Assassin bug and damsel bug -- destroy the pests.

6- By using pesticides, you only end up killing the enemies of the pest.





09-1. Transplantations of cells, tissues or even a whole organ

R-Have now becomes standard methods of repairing body parts.

P-Advances in cell biology today have made researchers attempt to

S-Build such body parts - cells, tissues, and organs.

Q-Cells of various types can be, and are now being, made in the lab using stem cell-based methods, though not tissues yet.

6- But in the not-too-far future, tissues and simple organs are on the cards.





10- 1.Increased movement of people and traffic

S-In Srinagar and other main towns of Kashmir

R-Hinted at return of normalcy in the Valley

P-Where separatists have called for a meeting

Q-Of all stakeholders to chalk out the future course of

6- Action with regard to the current unrest.





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