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Friday, 1 September 2017

SSC Quiz | English Language | 01 - 09 - 17

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SSC Quiz | English Language | 29 - 08 - 17

Q.1-3. In questions given below, a part of the sentence is underlined. Below are given alternatives to the underlined part at (A), (B) and (C) which may improve the sentence.Choose the correct alternative.In case no improvement is needed your answer is (D).

Q.1. The fresh exchange of fire took place and four militants, whom was to be identified, were killed.

(A) who am to

(B) who is to

(C) who were to

(D) No Improvement

Q.2. I am as strong has or even stronger than my foe.

(A) as strongly as

(B) as stronger as

(C) as strong as

(D) No Improvement

Q.3. Prices are an only things that defy the law of gravity.

(A) are only

(B) are a only

(C) are the only

(D) No Improvement

Q.4-8. In the following questions some have error and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and mark the answer to the appropriate letter (A), (B) and C). If there is no error, mark your answer as (D).

Q.4. A caveat is a notice filed (A)/ by a party fearing a (B)/ legal action.(C)/No error(D)

Q.5. Ayush will compete for me (A)/ for the first position (B)/ in the college. (C)/No error(D)

Q.6. The advocate could (A)/ not cope up with (B)/ heavy court work.(C)/No error(D)

Q.7. Pakistan denied announcement (A)/ that the strike was (B)/ sourced from its soil.(C)/No error(D)

Q.8. India moved up only one position(A)/in international Finance Corporation’s(B)/ rankings. (C)/No error (D)


Q.5.(A) use ‘compete with me’ for ‘compete for me’.
Q.6.(B) use ‘cope with’ for ‘cope up with’.
Q.7.(A) Replace announcement with announcing
Q.8.(B) Use ‘the’ before international Finance Corporation.

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