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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

IBPS PO Quiz For English Language | 13 - 09 - 17

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 IBPS PO Quiz  For  English Language | 08 - 09 - 17

Q.1. Gujarat’s Patidars are a prosperous, socially dominant community and yet are on the warpath, demand quotas by being classified backward.

(1) demanding quotas by being classified 

(2) demanding quotas by been classified

(3) demanded quotas for have been classified 

(4) demanded quotas of being classified

(5) No correction required

Q.2. The non-financial businesses of any entity becoming a major stakeholder in banks would not be able to exceed 40 percent of its total assets.
(1) will not be unable to exceed

(2) will not be able to exceeded

(3) will have not to exceed

(4) will not be able to exceed

(5) No correction required

Q.3. It’s high time for corporate India to recognize women power as studies show that firms with more women in leadership positions often tend to be more profitable.
(1) highly time for corporate India to recognize

(2) high time for corporate India to recognizing

(3) high time with corporate India to recognize

(4) high timing for corporate India to recognize

(5) No correction required

Q.4. Five years after departing from Earth, NASA’s Juno spacecraft is all set to reach the farther point in its orbit of Jupiter to “get the science” of the giant planet.

(1) to reaching the farthest point in its orbit

(2) to reach the farthest point in its orbit

(3) to reach the farther point in it’s orbit

(4) for reaching the further point in its orbit

(5) No correction required

Q.5. The reported proposal to merge several public sector oil company to form one behemoth is a terrible idea.

(1) merging several public sector oil companies

(2) merge several publicly sector oil companies

(3) merge several public sector oil companies

(4) merging several public sector oil company

(5) No correction required

Q.6-10. In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words have been suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

The Tata-Docomo dispute needs to be (6) in a manner that retains India’s and Tata’s reputation for reliability and integrity. If this calls for giving retrospective effect to a rule change, that should be done. When the trade-off is between the country’s credibility in the eyes of investors abroad and someone in the government having to make a (7) call that, at a later date, runs the risk of being dubbed arbitrary, the choice is for the government to find the courage to own up the decision, rather than let the nation suffer. The London Court for International Arbitration has awarded the Japanese firm $1.17 billion in compensation from Tata Sons. Even if Tata Sons can conceivably compensate Docomo from its assets abroad, without either taking permission from the RBI or the government or making other shareholders suffer, it would still mean  a rule that says, in effect, that Indian business should have access
(8) to foreign equity or debt but not hybrid forms of capital.
In 2009, Docomo had bought 26.5% stake in Tata Teleservices for about $2.7 billion on the understanding that if milestones were not reached in five years, Tata would enable Docomo to exit, either by finding a buyer for Docomo’s stake at fair market value or by Tata acquiring those shares at half the original value of the investment, whichever was higher.

When Docomo decided to exit in April 2014, there was no taker for the unprofitable operations. So, the Tata group sought RBI’s permission to pay out. However, a new set of rules banned any exit by a foreign investor at an assured price. Both companies had signed the contract at a time when there was no clear rule against options embedded in such (9).
Neither the RBI nor the government wanted to take (10) for letting Tata pay at the prefixed price and tossed the decision back and forth. This led to yet another loss for an Indian entity in international arbitration. Clarifying a rule with retrospective effect to help an Indian company honour its commitment to an external investor will attract no odium. The opposite is true.

Q.6. (1) explored (2) resolved (3) opened (4) close (5) found

Q.7. (1) censure (2) repugnance (3) judicious (4) prudently (5) thoughtless

Q.8. (1) circumventing (2) abiding (3) flouting (4) encouraging (5) detour

Q.9. (1) finance (2) arbitration (3) company (4) investment (5) hiring

Q.10. (1) credit (2) commitment (3) help (4) acquisition (5) responsibility


Q.1.(1) other options are not appropriate because the sentence is in present continuous tense and options are in past tense.
Q.2.(4) will not be able to exceed
For other options:
Option 1- not and unable in this sentence will not be used together.
Option 2- with will exceeded is not the correct usage.
Q.3.(5) For other options:
Option 1- highly an adverb is not required here, high an adjective is required here
Option 2- after to- first form of verb is used
Q.4.(2) to reach the farthest point in its orbit
For other options:
Option 1 – after to the first form of verb is used.
Option 3- it’s mean it is whereas here its should be used which is a possessive pronoun.
Q.5.(3) merge several public sector oil companies
For other options:
Option 2- publicly an adverb is not to be used here. Instead public an adjective is required.
Q.6.(2) resolved
For other options:
Explored (V)- investigate; survey
Q.7.(3) judicious
For other options:
Repugnance (N)- aversion
Prudently (ADV)- with due consideration
Q.8.(1) circumventing
For other options:
Flouting (V)- show contempt for
Detour (N)- indirect course
Q.9.(4) investment
For other options:
Arbitration (N) - settlement of dispute
Q.10.(5) responsibility
For other options:
Acquisition (N) - obtaining or receiving

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