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Monday, 4 September 2017

IBPS PO Quiz For English Language | 04 - 09 - 17

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IBPS PO Quiz  For  English Language |02 - 09 - 17

Q.1-10.In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words have been suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Almost three decades (1) the Bhopal gas tragedy, and several major disasters later, not to mention the
(2) cycle of floods and drought, India remains woefully prepared to deal with (3) predicting disaster or dealing with its aftermath. Given that, as a CAG report points out, about 59% of the country’s land is (4) to earthquakes, 76% of the coastline exposed to the risk of cyclones and tsunami, 12% of land susceptible to floods and 68% of cultivable area (5) to droughts, India enacted a Disaster Management Act in 2005 and (76) a National Disaster Management Authority under this as the apex planning and supervising body.
A recent performance audit by the CAG, however, revealed (7) frightening facts. The NDMA’s
the national executive committee has not even (8) since May 2008, there is no national plan for
disaster management, none of the major projects taken up by the NDMA has been completed so
far, aerial radars to collect data during natural disasters are not functional, even the satellite-
the based communication network is not fully (9) though it has been 6 years since the equipment
was delivered. There are several such instances (10) in the report, but given the report does not
deal with big numbers of the type mentioned in the case of the 2G scam or Coalgate, chances are
this will be another CAG report that will be dusted up after the next disaster strikes.

Q.1. (1) after (2) before (3) latter (4) earlier (5) priority

Q.2. (1) fortunate (2) globally (3) eventual(4) regular (5) failing

Q.3. (1) either (2) neither (3) also(4) both (5) whether

Q.4. (1) limited (2) prone (3) crucial(4) contributed (5) constraint

Q.5. (1) engaged (2) reliable (3) vulnerable (4) dependent (5) leads

Q.6. (1) gives (2) endorsed (3) showed(4) bought (5) throws

Q.7. (1) all (2) some (3) any(4) none (5) two

Q.8. (1) met (2) presides (3) tuned(4) paid (5) allocate

Q.9. (1) resolved (2) operational (3) mature(4) coherent (5) implementing

Q.10. (1) implies (2) achieve (3) failed(4) mention (5) cited


Q.1.(1) ‘after’ should be used as are talking of the post Bhopal gas tragedy.
Q.2.(4) regular - recurring at fixed times/periodic.
For other options :-
fortunate - lucky
global - pertaining to the whole world.
eventual - happening at some indefinite future time.
failing - an act of failure.
Q.3.(1) Either should be used here as we are giving a choice between predicting disaster and dealing
with its aftermath in the passage.
Also the pair either-or should be complete.
Q.4.(2) Prone - having a tendency to something
For other options:-
limited - Confined within limits.
crucial - important
contributed - to give (something) to a common supply.
constraint - limitation
Q.5.(3) Vulnerable - susceptible to being hurt, damaged, wounded etc.
For other options:-
Engaged - involved
Reliable - that may be trusted/relied on.
Dependent - depending on something/influenced or conditioned by.
Leads - to influence or induce; cause.
Q.6.(2) endorsed- approve
For other options
Gives (up) - to surrender. The other options showed, endorse bought are in the past tense so
they should’t be used here.
Q.8.(1) met - past of meet.
For other options:-
Preside - to exercise management or control
Tuned - to bring into harmony.
Paid - past of pay.
Allocate - to set apart for a particular purpose.
Q.9.(2) Operational - functional
For other options:-
resolved - to come to a definite or earnest decision about.
Mature - fully developed.
Coherent - logically connected; consistent
implementing - carrying out something.
Q.10.(5) Cited - mentioned or referred to.
For other options
implies - to signify or mean
achieve - to get or attain by effort
failed - not succeeded.
mention - state/refer briefly to.

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