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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Important Notes : Articles for IBPS PO

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Important Notes : Articles for IBPS PO

Definition:- The words a or an and the are called articles which act as an adjective and are used before a noun. 

For example,

1. He is an intelligent person.


Use of Indefinite Article

Use ‘An’ before that word which starts with a vowel sound and ‘A’ before that word which starts with a consonant sound.

Ex. An orange

A one rupee note

An elephant

A European

An hour

A horse

An umbrella

A union



Use of Definite Article (The)

1. ‘The’ is used before names of rivers.

Ex. The Ganga, The Yamuna, The Tapti

2. ‘The’ is used before mountain ranges.

Ex. The Himalayas, The Eastern Ghats, The Alps

Note- Don’t use the before individual peaks.

Ex- Mount Everest, Mount Abu, etc.

3. ‘The’ is used before names of Oceans

Ex. The Indian Ocean, The Pacific Ocean, The Arctic Ocean

4. ‘The’ is used before names of Seas

Ex. The Red Sea, The Dead Sea, The Arabian Sea

5. ‘The’ is used before names of Bay/Gulf

Ex. The Bay of Bengal, The Bay of China, The Gulf of Mexico 

6. ‘The’ is used before group of islands.

Ex. The Andaman, The West Indies, The Philippines

7. ‘The’ is used before deserts.

Ex. The Thar Desert, The Sahara Desert, The Arabian Desert

8. ‘The’ is used before holy books.

Ex. The Gita, The Quran, The Bible

9. ‘The’ is used before Nationality.

Ex. The Indian, The French, The English

10. ‘The’ is used before directions.

Ex. The East, The upward, The downward


If name of direction is used before some specific place then ‘The’ is not used.

Ex. West Bengal, North Korea, South Africa 

11. ‘The’ is used before names of Unique Entities.

Ex. The Sun, The Equator, The North pole

12. ‘The’ is used before Government branches or  Armed forces.

Ex. The Judiciary, The Army, The Police

13. ‘The’ is used before Historical Event/Period/Age.

Ex. The Civil War, The First World War, The Victorian Age, The Old Stone Age

14. ‘The’ is used before Musical Instrument.

Ex. The Tabla, The Dholak, The Piano

15. ‘The’ is used before Ordinal Adjectives -First, Second, Third...

Ex. The First President of India, The next train 

16. ‘The’ is used before Superlative Degree.

Ex. The tallest building, The fastest animal 

17. The + Comparative Degree + of the two + Plural Noun

Ex. Rita is the more intelligent of the two girls.

18. The + Comparative Degree + Subject + Verb + 

The + Comparative Degree + Subject + Verb

Ex. The higher you go, the cooler it becomes.

      The more he gets, the more he wants.

19. ‘The’ is used before names of Federations.

Ex. The United States of America, The Sudan, The Yemen

20. ‘The’ is used before the names of Newspapers.

Ex. The Hindu

      The Daily News

      The Times

21. ‘The’ is used before the names of public places.

Ex. The museum, The library, The National Highway

22. ‘The’ is used when Common Noun is used as Abstract Noun.

Ex. When I found a little baby crying on the road, the mother aroused in me. 

23. ‘The’ is used before title/post/designation which represents a big population.

Ex. The Prime Minister of India

     The CEO of company


The Bank PO (wrong)

Bank PO (correct)

The Bank Clerk (wrong)

Bank Clerk (correct)


If words like appoint, elect, declare, made, etc. are used in the place of verb and any designation comes after it then ‘The’ is not used before it.

Ex. He was appointed the CEO. (wrong)

      He was appointed CEO. (correct)

24. The + Date + of + Month’s name

Ex. The tenth of June

      The second of June

25. Some of, none of, a large number of, many of, most of, either of, various of, etc + The + Plural Countable Noun/Singular Countable Noun

Ex. All of the men have reached here before time. (correct)

26. ‘The’ is used in these phrases also and we have to follow it as it is.

Speak the truth, In the right direction, In the evening

In the morning, At the moment, During the day

By the way, Keep to the left, For the time being

Omission of Definite Article (The)

1. ‘The’ is not used before Proper Noun.

Ex. The Delhi (wrong)

      Delhi (correct)

      The Sita (wrong)

      Sita (correct)

2. ‘The’ is not used before the names of subjects.

Ex. Mathematics is an analytical subject. 


If ‘The’ or possessive adjective (his/her) is used before the names of subjects, then ‘The’ is used.

Ex. The English of Sita is good enough.

The Economics of Mohan is quite good.

3. ‘The’ is not used before the names of languages.

Ex. English is spoken by the English. 

4. ‘The’ is not used before the names of games/sports.

Ex. Hockey is our national game. 

5. ‘The’ is not used before Nature, Death, Life, Humanity, Parliament, Love, Society, Man, Woman, Science, Mankind, etc.

Ex. Man is a social animal. 

     Science has transformed our life. 

6. ‘The’ is not used before the names of seasons.

Ex. I was born in summer. 

These flowers blossom only in spring. 


If seasons are used in a particular sense then ‘The’ is used.

Ex. I was born in summer of 1967. (wrong)

      I was born in the summer of 1967. (correct) 

      Anjali will come here in summer. (wrong)

      Anjali will come here in the summer. (correct)

7. ‘The’ is not used before the names of diseases.

Ex. Viral fever is a very dangerous disease. 

      Tuberculosis is a curable disease. 


Sometimes in language below given words are treated equally correct:

Ex. Mumps (correct)

      The mumps (correct)

      Plague (correct)

      The plague (correct)

      Measles (correct)

      The measles (correct)

8. ‘The’ is not used before the names of roads or streets.

Ex. MG Road, Park Street 

9. When School, College, University, Temple, Mosque, Bed , Market, Hospital, Jail, Prison, Court, table, etc. are used for the specific reason for which they are made then ‘The’ is not used.

Ex. We go to the temple for prayer. (wrong)

      We go to temple for prayer. (correct)

In the above mentioned sentence, it is clearly mentioned that we go to temple for prayer and the main purpose of temple is also to pray. So, we do not used THE before it.

10. Below there are some phrases which basically does not use ‘The’ , so we have to follow them as it is.

In action, In debt, In town, In jail, In hand, In confusion, 

In charge of, In motion, In leave, In heaven, In fact, In doubt

In favour of, In silence, In life, In general, In love, In haste

In advance, In front of, In danger, In pain, In court, In bed.

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