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Sunday, 20 August 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS RRB Based) | 20 - 08 - 17

Mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS RRB Based) | 19 - 08 - 17


Synonyms: penetrating, sharp               

Antonyms: mild, soothing

Example Sentence:

This is giving a very acute taste.

2. ROUT (VERB): Defeat

Synonyms: overthrow, vanquish              

Antonyms: succumb, withdraw

Example Sentence:

He was routed in the battlefield.

3. STUPOR (NOUN): Lethargy

Synonyms: insensibility, coma             

 Antonyms: sensibility, sensitive

Example Sentence:

She was in a bit stupor.


Synonyms: composed, calm  
 Antonyms: violent, restless

Example Sentence:

It was very tranquil night.

5. SHABBY (ADJECTIVE): Miserable

Synonyms: impoverished, deteriorated      

 Antonyms: prosperous, thriving

Example Sentence: 

He was in a very shabby condition.

6. QUACK (NOUN): Imposter

Synonyms: deceiver, knave                        

Antonyms: upright, genuine

Example Sentence:

Ravi is a notorious quack.

7. RESCIND (VERB): Annul

Synonyms: abrogate, revoke         

Antonyms: permit, delegate

Example Sentence:

The judge rescinded the order.


Synonyms: esoteric, elusive      

Antonyms: scrutable, fathomable

Example Sentence: 

The beauty lied in its occult form.

9. PROTRACT (VERB): Prolong

Synonyms: delay, stretch    

Antonyms: curtail, abridge

Example Sentence: 

The movie production was actually protracted.


 Synonyms: archaic, antiquated     

Antonyms: modern, contemporary

Example Sentence:

The design of that 38-floor building was obsolete

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