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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS RRB Based) | 15 - 08 - 17

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1. REEDY (ADJECTIVE):  long and lean

Synonyms: leggy, skinny             

 Antonyms: chubby, fat

Example Sentence:

She is a reedy girl.

2. BLARNEY (NOUN): flattery

Synonyms: cajolery, overpraise  
Antonyms: criticize, condemn

Example Sentence:

It took all my blarney to keep us out of court.

3. SLACK (ADJECTIVE):  loose, baggy
Synonyms: feeble, sluggish              

Antonyms: tight, rigid

Example Sentence:

Don’t wear your slack pants.

4. RENEGADE (NOUN):  rebellious

Synonyms: reactionary, radical             

Antonyms: passive, submissive

Example Sentence:

The person whom I trusted later turned out to be renegade.

5. SPUTTER (VERB): falter

Synonyms: stammer, stumble              

Antonyms: persist, enunciate

Example Sentence:

While performing on stage he sputters a lot.

6. PROMULGATE (VERB): make known

Synonyms: declare, notify              

Antonyms: conceal, repress

Example Sentence:

He promulgated the confidential data.

7. EXPIATE (VERB): make amends for

Synonyms: remedy, rectify              

Antonyms: injure, damage

Example Sentence:

A hundred lives, taken one by one, would not be sufficient to expiate such treason.

8. DEIGN (VERB): lower oneself

Synonyms: stoop, consent              

Antonyms: refuse, be proud

Example Sentence:

If one is wrong, one should be modest to deign.

9. ASTUTE (ADJECTIVE):  perceptive

Synonyms: adroit, magnificent              

Antonyms: foolish, inept

Example Sentence:

He is an astute leader.

10. APERITIVE (ADJECTIVE): tasting very good

Synonyms: tempting, delicious              

Antonyms: unpleasant, tasteless

Example Sentence:

This pudding seems aperitive.

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