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Saturday, 12 August 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS RRB Based) | 12 - 08 - 17

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1. STEELY (ADJECTIVE): cruel, heartless

Synonyms: brutal, callous   

Antonyms: sympathetic, gentle

Example Sentence:

My landlord is a steely lady.

2. REMISS (ADJECTIVE): careless, thoughtless

Synonyms:  lazy, forgetful    
Antonyms:  scrupulous, mindful

Example Sentence:

You seem remiss with your future goals.

3.  STERN (ADJECTIVE): serious, authoritarian

Synonyms: harsh, rigid    

Antonyms:  easy, flexible

Example Sentence:

My boss always carries a stern look on his face.

4. IMMACULATE (ADJECTIVE): very clean; unspoiled

Synonyms: spotless, flawless 

Antonyms: defective, imperfect

Example Sentence:

His house is immaculate and surrounded by fresh flowers.


Synonyms: carbon, duplicate   

Antonyms:  dissimilarity, opposite

Example Sentence:

The two sisters are a simulacrum of each other.


Synonyms: bare, confined 

Antonyms:  plenty, many 

Example Sentence:

There are plenty of references to them indeed, but they are exiguous and dull.

7. YORE (NOUN):  time gone by

Synonyms: history, antiquity

Antonyms:  future, present

Example Sentence:

Those are the yore days when for teenagers their family was a priority than friends.

8 RECLAME (NOUN): promotion of something, someone

Synonyms: attention, fame

Antonyms:  obscurity, secret

Example Sentence:

This product needs a lot of reclame to be a successful product.

9. QUERULOUS (ADJECTIVE): grouchy, hard to please

Synonyms: carping, captious 

Antonyms:  cheerful, happy

Example Sentence:

Querulous people are hardly liked by anyone.

10. MURKY (ADJECTIVE): gloomy, obscure

Synonyms: dark, dismal             

 Antonyms: bright, apparent

Example Sentence:

Nobody knows why he likes to sit in murky surroundings.

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