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Friday, 11 August 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary ( IBPS RRB Based) | 11 - 08 - 17

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1. ALLAY (VERB): Reduce something, usually a pain or a problem

Synonyms: comfort, soothe         

Antonyms:  irritate, agitate

Example Sentence:

Henery hoped a doctor’s diagnosis would allay her worry about the rash on her arm.

2. LASSITUDE (NOUN): Lethargy

Synonyms: apathy, exhaustion 

Antonyms: action, diligence

Example Sentence:

Persons who do not sleep well are often worn out during the day because of lassitude.

3.  UPBRAID (VERB): Scold

Synonyms: chide, castigate 

Antonyms:  laud, praise

Example Sentence:

The police officer did not hesitate to upbraid the man for driving without license.

4. FORTITUDE (NOUN):  Strength of mind

Synonyms: courage, boldness 

Antonyms: apathy, cowardice

Example Sentence:

Most successful people are not afraid to show fortitude when they face failure.

5. QUIXOTIC (ADJECTIVE): Impractical

Synonyms: illogical, dreamy   

Antonyms:  cautious, pragmatic 

Example Sentence:

Your idea is bit quixotic.

6. NOXIOUS (ADJECTIVE): Pernicious 

Synonyms: fetid, putrid 

Antonyms:  helpful, healthy 

Example Sentence:

This drug proved noxious when tested in laboratory.


Synonyms: clever, creative 

Antonyms:  dull, foolish

Example Sentence:

Ravi was ingenious enough to overcome the limited budget.


Synonyms: annoyed, enraged 

Antonyms:  happy, pleased

Example Sentence:

My best friend was irate about me wrecking her car.

9. PREMISE (NOUN): Hypothesis

Synonyms: assumption, presumption 

Antonyms:  fact, reality

Example Sentence:

Since his premise cannot be confirmed, his entire theory is worthless.


Synonyms: absolute, commanding             

 Antonyms: easy-going, indulgent

Example Sentence:

The commander in chief gave the troops a peremptory order which they had to obey.

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