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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary | 01 - 08 - 17

Mahendra Guru
The Hindu Vocabulary |01 - 08 - 17


1. CURTAIL (VERB): Reduce in extent

diminish, abbreviate

Antonyms: amplify, extend

Example Sentence:

The economic crises will force to curtail shopping this year.

2. DEPICTION (NOUN): The action of drawing something

Synonyms: illustration, sketch

Antonyms: misstate, falsify

Example Sentence: 

In your poem, you should use words to depict the beauty of the place.

3. SUBDUE (VERB): To overcome
Synonyms: conquer, extinguish

Antonyms: aggravate, rouse

Example Sentence:

The criminal was subdued by the forces at the railway station.

4. REMUNERATION (NOUN): Money paid for work or service
Synonyms: compensation, reimbursement

Antonyms: non-payment, penalization

Example Sentence:

This job provides a handsome remuneration package against 8 hours working.

5. HAUL (VERB): To pull or drag with force

Synonyms: harvest, booty

Antonyms: loss, push

Example Sentence:

It took 4 hours to haul the fallen tree.

6. REPLICATE (VERB): To make an exact copy

Synonyms: duplicate, simulate

Antonyms: repulse, reject

Example Sentence:

He could replicate anything after only one exposure.

7. FRAY (NOUN): A fight or battle

Synonyms: melee, clash

Antonyms: peace, harmony

Example Sentence:

We should never let ourselves in an unnecessary fray.

8. PRISTINE (ADJECTIVE): In its original condition

Synonyms: intact, sterile

Antonyms: affected, dirty

Example Sentence:

My car is completely pristine.

9. CAPRICE (NOUN): A sudden change of mood or behaviour

Synonyms: freak, jerk

Antonyms: constant, normality

Example Sentence:

The introduction of new law is completely a caprice of the government.

10. ANCILLARY (ADJECTIVE): To provide necessary support

Synonyms: subsidiary, accessory

Antonyms: primary, crucial

Example Sentence:

We should lay off our ancillary expenses in the time of economic crisis.


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