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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

SSC Quiz | General Studies | 09-08-17

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SSC Quiz | General Studies | 09-08-17

1.In which one of the following Sessions was the Indian National Congress split into Moderates and Extremists?

(A) Calcutta

(B) Nagpur

(C) Letter

(D) Allahabad

Ans: (C)

Q.2. After 1857, who among the following announced, at a Darbar at Allahabad, the assumption of the government of India by the Sovereign of Great Britain?

(A) Sir John Lawrence

(B) Lord Mayo

(C) Lord Northbrook

(D) Lord Canning

Ans: (A)

Q.3. During whose reign did the Gandharv School of Art develop?

(A) Chandragupta

(B) Harsha

(C) Ashoka

(D) Kanishka

Ans: (C)

Q.4. Which one of the following was the last Buddhist text produced in India?

(A) Vajrachedika

(B) Vamsathapakasini

(C) Divya Vandana

(D) Dohakosa

Ans: (A)

Q.5. Arthasastra was written by -

(A) Kalhan

(B) Kautilya

(C) Pushyamitra

(D) Barah Mihir

Ans: (B)

Q.6. Who translated Ramayana into Persian?

(A) The Isar

(B) Abdul Latif

(C) Abul Fazl

(D) Badauni

Ans: (C)

Q.7. Which one of the following was the first English ship that came to India?

(A) Bengal

(B) Red Dragon

(C) Mayflower

(D) Elizabeth

Ans: (D)

Q.8. The All India Muslim League was founded by -

(A) Mohammad Ali Jinnah

(B) Hakim Ajmal Khan

(C) Maulana Ahmed Ali

(D) Agha Khan

Ans: (D)

Q.9. Relics of Buddha are preserved in a

(A) Temple

(B) Vihara

(C) Stupa

(D) Chaitya

Ans: (C)

Q.10. The first Muslim invasion of India was led by

(A) Mohammed bin Kasim

(B) Mohammad Ghori

(C) Mahmud Ghazni

(D) Timura Lame

Ans: (A)

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