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Monday, 14 August 2017

SSC Quiz | English Language | 14 - 08 - 17

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SSC Quiz | English Language | 10 - 08 - 17

Fill in the blanks

1. England will_______ arch rival Australia in the finals.

(a) Takes after

(b) Looks after

(c) Taken after

(d) Take on

And- d 

2. His mother parted _______ her married daughter in sorrow. 

(a) For

(b) Off

(c) Away

(d) From

Ans- d

3. When electricity failed, emergency generators ________

(a) Cut out 

(b) Cut off

(c) Cut on

(d) Cut in

Ans – b

4. We are looking _____ the government to help us.

(a) To

(b) At

(c) For

(d) With

Ans- a

5. The statue ________ a global symbol of freedom.

(a) Stands for

(b) Stands as

(c) Stands against

(d) Stands to

Ans – a

6. After he died she had nothing to live ______

(a) For

(b) At

(c) Through

(d) From

Ans – c

7. Turn the lights ______ before you go to bed. 

(a) On

(b) Off

(c) Out

(d) Down

Ans – b

8. He was taken _____ by the shocking news of his accident.

(a) After

(b) Aback

(c) Ahead

(d) Away

Ans- b

9. His manners _______ him.

(a) Speak of

(b) Speak out

(c) Speak up

(d) Speak for

Ans – d

10. The strike was ______

(a) Called at

(b) Called in

(c) Called off

(d) Called on

Ans - c

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