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Thursday, 3 August 2017

SSC Quiz | English Language | 03 - 08 - 17

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SSC Quiz | English Language | 25 - 07 - 17

1. The court ordered the electronic and print media not to report any ________ made by the Justice.

(a) account (b) remarks (c) presentation (d) statements


2. Ramu has the _______ of an honest man and nobody wants to appreciate that.

(a) character (b) quality (c)condition (d) factor


3. Sometimes, after I finish my day’s work, I go home and think a particular scene or _______.

(a) break (b) opportunity (c) shot (d) occasion


4. We could see change in the nature of warfare and its _______ on society.

(a) effects (b) goods  (c) affects (d) holdings


5. The driving force is the generation of wealth certain types of economic ________.

(a) regulation (b) doctrine(c) instruction (d) heterodoxy


6. we must ________ the substance of which life is made.

(a) forget (b) elicited (c) remember (d) illicit


7. The relationship between chronic stress disease and aging is another area of ________.

(a) research (b) discovery (c) ignorance (d) enquiry 


8. Ravi Shankar has a large circle of friends and is very ________ at parties.

(a) social (b) popular (c) obscure (d) conscious 


9. We don’t know _________ the machines are the masters or we are.

(a) however (b) although (c) whether (d) nevertheless


10.Every society must develop in its people a social _________.

(a) subjection (b) Importance (c) exemption (d) responsibility


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