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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

SSC Quiz | English Language | 02 - 08 - 17

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SSC Quiz | English Language | 25 - 07 - 17

1. After buy some magazines to read on the journey, I made my way to the luggage office.

(a) After buying some magazine

(b) After buying some magazines

(c) After bought some magazines

(d) No Improvement

Ans- b

2. Shelters made of snow are indeed constructed and fashioned from snowy brick, just as we like to imagine.

(a) fashioned from snow bricks

(b) fashioned with snowy bricks

(c) fashioned from snowy bricks

(d) No Improvement


3 At low tide he walked over the sands to the headland and round the corner to the little bay facing the open sea.

(a) facing in the open sea.

(b) faced the open sea.

(c) face the open sea.

(d) No Improvement


4. The Wright brothers did not have to looking far for ideas when building their airplane, they studied birds.

(a) not having to look far for

(b) not have to look far for

(c) not have to look farther for

(d) No Improvement


5.His voice is his principal mean of musical expression.

(a) is his principal means

(b) are his principal means

(c) is their principal means

(d) No Improvement


6. They spread rugs and blankets on the ground and place pillows on them.

(a) on the ground and places

(b) in the ground and place

(c) on the ground and place

(d) No Improvement


7. Pandas are rare animals and usually live in inaccessible in a temperate climate.

(a) is rare animals and

(b) are rare animals and

(c) are rare animals or

(d) No Improvement


8. The king was not very happy about the prophecy because he wanted their child to succeed him as the king.

(a) he want his child

(b) he wants his child

(c) he wanted his child

(d) No Improvement


9. He turned his attention to the London Museum where the ruins of the saintly and scientific thoughts are preserve. 

(a) scientific thoughts are preserved.

(b) science thoughts are preserved.

(c) scientifically thoughts are preserved.

(d) No Improvement


10. Although signals, signs, symbols and gestures are very useful.

(a) gesture are very useful.

(b) gestures is very useful.

(c) gestures are very usefully.

(d) No Improvement


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