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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Banking Awareness Quiz | 16 - 08 - 17

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Banking Awareness Quiz | 15 - 08 - 17

Q.1. According to the 2011 census, the Indian State that has the dubious distinction of having the worst male-female ration is -

(A) Punjab

(B) Jammu & Kashmir

(C) Uttar Pradesh

(D) Haryana

Q.2. The 'IFSC Code' is an alphanumeric code comprising 11 characters that facilitates electronic fund transfer in the country. The alphabet 'I' in the abbreviation 'IFSC' stands for-

(A) Inter-bank

(B) Indian

(C) Intercontinental

(D) Institutional

Q.3. In India 'Commodities Derivatives Market' is regulated by -





Q.4. The 'Ringgit' is the present-day currency of -

(A) Singapore

(B) Thailand

(C) Malaysia

(D) Bhutan

Q.5. The headquarters of the ' United Nations World Trade Organisation' is situated in-

(A) Madrid, Spain

(B) Geneva, Switzerland

(C) Washington DC, USA

(D) Paris, France 

Q.6. The 'PMKVY' scheme pertains to -

(A) Skill training/ development 

(B) Rural irrigation facilities

(C) Solar energy initiatives

(D) Development of roads

Q.7. The city of "Ottawa" is the capital of -

(A) Australia

(B) Canada

(C) New Zealand

(D) Chile

Q.8. The Reserve Bank of India prepares a 'Financial Stability Report' (FSR) on ------- basis for the apex-level Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC).

(A) Once in four years

(B) Monthly

(C) Quarterly

(D) Half-Yearly

Q.9. The 'Srisail Dam' is constructed across the Krishna River in the Indian States of -

(A) Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh

(B) Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

(C) Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh

(D) Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh

Q.10. 'ONICRA' is a leading-

(A) Credit and performance rating agency

(B) Asset Reconstruction Company

(C) Asset Management Company

(D) White Label ATM Operator



(D) Haryana

(B) Indian


(C) Malaysia

(B) Geneva, Switzerland

(A) Skill training/ development

(B) Canada

(D) Half-Yearly

(B) Telangna and Andhra Pradesh

(A) Credit and performance rating agency

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