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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Banking Awareness Quiz | 10 - 08 - 17

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Banking Awareness Quiz | 10 - 08 - 17

Q.1. How much FII investment limits in government securities and corporate bonds has been hiked by the Reserve bank of India, recently? 

(1) USD 10 billion 

(2) USD 5 billion 

(3) USD 8 billion 

(4) USD 12 billion 

(5) None of these 

Q.2. Which. of the following is NOT one such concept/product directly associated with banks? 

(1) E-payment 

(2) SMS Alert 

(3) ATM/Debit Card 

(4) Demat Account 

(5) Number Portability 

Q.3. Which of the following Acts has specially been enacted to help banks deal with bad loans? 

(1) Negotiable Instrument Act 

(2) Banking Regulation Act 


(4) Companies Act 

(5) Offshore Banking Act 

Q.4.Sub-prime lending refers to 

(1) lending to the customers who are most valued for the bank. 

(2) lending to the customers who come to the bank for the very first time 

(3) lending to the people with less than standard credit status 

(4) lending to the people who live a sub-standard life. 

(5) None of these 

Q.5.Which of the following is the oldest public sector bank of India having branches all over the country and serving for the last 147 years and even today? 

(1) Bank of India 

( 2) Punjab National Bank 

(3) Allahabad Bank 

(4) State Bank of India 

(5) None of these 

Q.6. In which of the following year Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) was established? 

(1) 1960 

(2) 1964 

(3) 1990 

(4) 1988 

(5) None of these 

Q.7. Which of the following cannot be a feature of a Debit card? 

(1) These cards cannot be used as POS Centres 

(2) Banks earn huge amount as penalties for defaulting on payment through these cards. 

(3) Can be used normal withdrawals. 

(4) Only 1 and 2 

(5) All 1,2 and 3 

Q.8.The Banking Ombudsman 

(1) is in charge of bank loans for buses 

(2) fixes the rates of interest for loans 

(3) resolves complaints of customer 

(4) is the head of all nationalized bank 

(5) none of these 

Q.9.The BCCC is an independent Council set up by the Indian Broadcasting Foundation. What is the full form of BCCC? 

(1) Broadcasting Companies Committee 

(2) Broadcasting Central Committee 

(3) Broadcasting Content Complaint Committee 

(4) Broadcasting Content Complaint Council 

(5) None of these 

Q.10. Regional Rural Banks are classified as _____. 

(1) subsidiaries of NABARD 

(2) subsidiaries of the sponsor banks 

(3) scheduled commercial banks 

(4) All of the above 

(5) None of the above












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