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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Bank Quiz: Computer Knowledge | 08 -08-17

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Bank Quiz: Computer Knowledge | 08 -08-17
1. Computer programs are written in a high-level programming language, however, the human readable version of a program is called

a) Cache

b) Instruction set 

c) Source code

d) Word size

e) None of these

2. What is the term for how words will appear on a page?

a) Text formatting

b) Character formatting 

c) Point size

d) Typeface

e) None of these

3. The process of a computer receiving information form a server on the Internet is known as

a) Pulling 

b) Pushing 

c) Downloading

d) Transferring 

e) None of these 

4. When sending an e-mail, the … line describes the contents of the message

a) Subject 

b) To 

c) Contents

d) CC 

e) None of these 

5. All the deleted files go to

a) Recycle bin 

b) Task bar 

c) Tool bar

d) My computer 

e) None of these 

6. You organize files by storing them in

a) Archives 

b) Folders 

c) Indexes

d) Lists 

e) None of these 

7. A website address is a unique name that identifies a specific _____on the web

a) Web browser 

b) Website 

c) PDA

d) Link 

e) None of these 

8.________ are specially designed computer chips that reside inside Other devices, such as your car or your electronic thermostat

a) Servers

b) Embedded computers

c) Robotic computers 

d) Mainframes

e) None of these

9. A disk's content that is recorded at the time of manufacture and that cannot be changed or erased by the user is

a) Memory only 

b) Write only 

c) Read only

d) Run only 

e) None of these 

10. Office LANs that are spread geographically apart on a large scale can be connected using a corporate

a) CAN 

b) LAN 

c) DAN

d) WAN 

e) None of these 

1. c) Source code

2. a) Text formatting

3. c) Downloading

4. a) Subject 

5. a) Recycle bin 

6. b) Folders 

7. a) Web browser 

8. b) Embedded computers

9. c) Read only

10. c) DAN

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