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Saturday, 22 July 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary | 22 - 07 - 17

Mahendra Guru


Synonyms: fierce, flaming                   

Antonyms: dull, mild

Example Sentence:

A paparazzi asked a fiery question from Alia.

2. PLEADING (VERB):  Imploring 

Synonyms: appealing, beseeching 


Example Sentence:

The patient’s family members were pleading before the doctor.

3. INARTICULATE (ADJECTIVE): Unable to express oneself clearly

Synonyms: incoherent, blurred 

Antonyms:  articulate, communicative

Example Sentence:

He is a pronounced stutter and so he gave an inarticulate speech.


Synonyms: cunning, crafty 

Antonyms:  simple, dull

Example Sentence:

She is quite an astute girl.

5. REVEL (NOUN): Celebration

Synonyms: merrymaking, carousal             

Antonyms: gloom, sadness

Example Sentence:

All my neighbours had revel in the colonial park.


Synonyms: childish, inane           

Antonyms: matured, seasoned

Example Sentence:

Don’t act as a jejune child.

7. COME OF (VERB): Result

Synonyms: end, culminate    

Antonyms: begin, commence

Example Sentence:

The movie offer had just came of.

8. DEPRECATE (VERB): Express disapproval of

Synonyms: detest, execrate 

Antonyms: laud, compliment

Example Sentence:

Before you deprecate my actions, you should first review your own behaviour!

9. CONVALESCENT (ADJECTIVE): Recovering from illness

Synonyms: ambulatory, healing      
Antonyms: regressing, sickly

Example Sentence:

He is not still looking a convalescent from face. 

10. FATHOM (VERB): Measure the depth (of feeling)

Synonyms: comprehend, penetrate 

Antonyms:  neglect, misinterpret

Example Sentence:

The police could not fathom out the reason of his treason.


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