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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary | 18 - 07 - 17

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1. HOBNOB (VERB): Consort

Synonyms: socialize, associate with              

Antonyms: live alone, disassociate

Example Sentence:

Now a days he is hobnobbing with avant-garde musicians.


Synonyms: repentance, remorse                

Antonyms: delight, satisfaction

Example Sentence:

The drunk driver showed no compunction after killing an innocent person.

3. OPT (VERB): Choose

Synonyms: elect, prefer             

Antonyms: refuse, reject

Example Sentence:

While on my diet, it was obvious that I would opt for the salad as opposed to the double-decker cheeseburger.


Synonyms: old, timeworn      
Antonyms: new, modern

Example Sentence:

It is a hoary saying all talks and no trousers.

5. MULTEITY (NOUN): Multiplicity

Synonyms: diversification, distinctiveness
Antonyms: uniformity, sameness

Example Sentence:

The eclectic soup was filled with a multeity of ingredients brought by all of the town’s villagers.

6. LUMPY (ADJECTIVE): Irregular

Synonyms: bumpy, uneven                     

Antonyms: regular, smooth

Example Sentence:

His lumpy and high on the hog lifestyle cost him an arm and a leg.

7. ENTWINE (VERB): Twist round

Synonyms: coil, entangle                   

Antonyms: unwind, untwist

Example Sentence:

The twins lay entwined in each other's arms

8. SATRAP (NOUN): Ruler

Synonyms: viceroy, governor   

Antonyms: servant, butler

Example Sentence:

A satrap has given a mumbo jumbo.

9. STASH (NOUN): Hoard

Synonyms: cache, inventory           

Antonyms: debt, lack

Example Sentence:

 He got down to brass tacks in keeping the stash fulfilled.

10. CRYPTIC (ADJECTIVE): Ambiguous

Synonyms: arcane, enigmatic   

Antonyms: certain, definite

Example Sentence:

His cryptic behaviour shows that he is not playing with a full deck.


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