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Monday, 17 July 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary | 17 - 07 - 17

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1. QUANDARY (NOUN): Difficulty

Synonyms: dilemma, predicament           

Antonyms: good fortune, advantage

Example Sentence:

These days he is in quandary because he got his walking papers.

2. PIQUE (NOUN): Anger

Synonyms: annoyance, grudge               

Antonyms: pleasure, joy

Example Sentence:

Why are you fixed in your ways and always show pique towards him?

3. PECCADILLO (NOUN): Small fault

Synonyms: impropriety, indiscretion             

Antonyms: blunder, goof

Example Sentence:

Why are you doing a runner over such a peccadio?

4. PANOPLY (NOUN): Display

Synonyms: exhibition, presentation            

Antonyms: concealment, hiding

Example Sentence:

His profane words were a pure panoply of his rigidness.


Synonyms: benevolent, kind    

Antonyms: unfavourable, unfriendly

Example Sentence:

She is a propitious lady and usually chews the fat.

6. QUISLING (NOUN): Traitor

Synonyms: betrayer, judas                     

Antonyms: loyalist, jingoist

Example Sentence:

His upbringing has gone pear shaped for he is a bounty quisling.


Synonyms: intelligence, perspicacity       

Antonyms: stupidity, imprudence

Example Sentence:

He pulled off smoking cold turkey and showed his profundity


Synonyms: abasing, calumniatory   

Antonyms: kind, complimentary

Example Sentence:

She took umbrage on his opprobrious remarks.

9. KOWTOW (VERB): Grovel

Synonyms: genuflect, pander           

Antonyms: unravel, unbend

Example Sentence:

Surely I’ll kowtow before anyone when pigs fly.


Synonyms: bright, brilliant   

Antonyms: dim, dull

Example Sentence:

Don’t even touch this lambent stone, this may have fallen off the back of a lorry.



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