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Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary | 15 - 07 - 17

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The Hindu Vocabulary | 15 - 07 - 17

1. ABSTRUSE (ADJECTIVE): difficult to understand

Synonyms: esoteric, perplexing               

 Antonyms: lucid, clear

Example Sentence:

Don’t get into abstruse task and don’t bite off more than you can chew.

2. ACCOST (VERB): approach for conversation 

Synonyms: address, confront                

Antonyms: dodge, shun

Example Sentence:

She waited him to accost and then played it by ear.

3. BARRAGE (NOUN): assault

Synonyms: blast, attack             

Antonyms: defence, shield

Example Sentence:

When she was experiencing the barrage the royal Prince came like a knight in shining armour.

4. BENIGN (ADJECTIVE): curable

Synonyms: not cancerous, remediable   
Antonyms: cancerous, injurious

Example Sentence:

His ailment was benign but at that last moment doctors turned a blind eye.

5. ABDICATION (NOUN): relinquishment

Synonyms: abandonment, disavowal    

Antonyms: sanction, allowance

Example Sentence:

The family was fed up with the abdication from the society.

6. BABBLE (VERB): mumble

Synonyms: mutter, murmur                    

Antonyms: be quiet, be silent

Example Sentence:

She would not babble is like a fat chance.

7. BAIT (VERB): entice

Synonyms: tempt, seduce                   

Antonyms: repel, repulse

Example Sentence:

She knows the ropes how to bait him. 

8. ABET (VERB): instigate

Synonyms: provoke, incite  
Antonyms: resist, prevent

Example Sentence:

He abets his neighbour all the time, don’t you know he is mad as a hatter.

9. BARREN (ADJECTIVE): unprofitable

Synonyms: profitless, stale           

Antonyms: productive, fertile

Example Sentence:

His plan is utterly barren, he has his head in the clouds now a days.

10. ABJURE (VERB): give up

Synonyms: forswear, recant   

Antonyms: allow, emphasize

Example Sentence:

I abjure working on his poor etiquettes as he is driving me round the bend now.


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