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Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary | 13.07.2017

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1. EMULATE (VERB): Follow suit

Synonyms: imitate, mimic          

Antonyms: neglect, ignore

Example Sentence:

It is important to emulate the dress code.

2. MOLLIFY (VERB): Allay

Synonyms: alleviate, ameliorate               

Antonyms: agitate, irritate

Example Sentence:

Only you can mollify the prevailing situation.

Synonyms: coward, nebbish                     

Antonyms: bold person, brave person 

Example Sentence:

He is such a craven person.

Synonyms: apologetic, humble               

Antonyms: unrepentant, indifferent

Example Sentence:

Don’t be a contrite employee you’re on the ball.


Synonyms: deceitful, deceptive          

Antonyms: frank, sincere

Example Sentence:

He is cutting corner because everybody tells he is a mendacious boy.

6. IMMUTABLE (ADJECTIVE): Unchangeable

Synonyms: abiding, inflexible          

Antonyms: flexible, variable

Example Sentence:

Don’t wrap your head around immutable petty politics in this office.

7. MAVERICK (NOUN): Person who takes chances

Synonyms: bohemian, dissenter                

Antonyms: conservative, moderate

Example Sentence: 

If you are a maverick you should get anxiety out of your system.

8. EBULLIANCE (NOUN): Enthusiasm

Synonyms: buoyancy, elation             

Antonyms: sadness, depression

Example Sentence:

He shows great ebullience while performing arts at the theatre.

9. CONFOUND (VERB): Confuse

Synonyms: bewilder, baffle                   

Antonyms: explain, clarify

Example Sentence:

He was confound about his new career plans.


Synonyms: broad, varied             

Antonyms: similar, specific

Example Sentence:

He has very well survived in many eclectic conditions.


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