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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The Hindu Vocabulary | 12.07.2017

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                                          The Hindu Vocabulary | 12.07.2017

1. COMITY (NOUN): Civility

Synonyms: politeness, amenity    

Antonyms: enmity, hostility

Example Sentence: 

They treated their guests with comity.


Synonyms: con, garble                    

Antonyms: be honest, tell truth

Example Sentence:

He is back to the drawing board in prevaricating the police.


Synonyms: destroying, destructive       

Antonyms: aiding, assisting

Example Sentence:

No use crying over spilt milk, already his deleterious activities cost his parents an arm and a leg.

4. DAUNT (VERB): Frighten

Synonyms: appall, deter              

Antonyms: calm, comfort

Example Sentence:

 On hearing that she left her home, made me felt hell lot daunted.

5. DISTEND (VERB): Bulge

Synonyms: bloat, expand                

Antonyms: shrink, compress

Example Sentence:

Excess weight caused his belly to distend.

6. ANNULMENT (NOUN): Abolition 

Synonyms: abrogation, cancellation      

Antonyms: approval, confirmation

Example Sentence:

The annulment of his contract taught him a lesson of not counting the chickens before they are hatched.

7. EFFRONTERY (NOUN): Arrogance

Synonyms: assurance, brashness             

Antonyms: politeness, humility

Example Sentence:

I keep effrontery at the bay with my dear ones.


Synonyms: blithe, capering                 

Antonyms: serious, unfunny

Example Sentence:

Because she was overbearing and often facetious, Jane had few friends.


Synonyms: petty, sectarian     

Antonyms: broad minded, liberal

Example Sentence:

The parochial school’s views are limited to the religious principles of the church that manages it..

10. OUTLIER (NOUN): Aberration

Synonyms: deviation, eccentricity           

Antonyms: standard, normality

Example Sentence:

While other members of her family joined the bandwagon, Amy was an outlier because she chose not to join the politics.

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