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Thursday, 6 July 2017


Mahendra Guru : Online Videos For Govt. Exams
                                  THE HINDU VOCABULARY | 06.07.2017

1. STAID (ADJECTIVE): serious

Synonyms: steady, conventional                 

Antonyms: frivolous, funny

Example Sentence: He is a staid professor.

2. GOB (NOUN): multitude

Synonyms: abundance, fullness                   

Antonyms: individual, one

Example Sentence: All bakery products are found in gob at this outlet.

3. REVEL (NOUN): carousal

Synonyms: gaiety, gala                

Antonyms: gloom, despair

Example Sentence: They all had a huge nocturnal revel out there.

4. SUBSISTENCE (NOUN): livelihood

Synonyms: sustenance, gratuity              

Antonyms: neglect, ignorance

Example Sentence: He is doing very hard work for his smooth subsistence.

5. DABBLER (NOUN): dilettante

Synonyms: abecedarian, novice     

Antonyms: expert, professional

Example Sentence: Ayush is a dabbler singer.

6. SEDUCE (VERB): lure

Synonyms: entice, decoy                      

Antonyms: dissuade, disenchant 

Example Sentence: Ripen mangoes seduced the travellers on the way.

7. STILT (NOUN): footing

Synonyms: flotation, base                    

Antonyms: stop, opposition

Example Sentence: The iron rods provide basic stilt to the building. 


Synonyms: splay, chunky    

Antonyms: small, thin

Example Sentence: Anish was a muscular and squat man.


Synonyms: cocky, haughty          

Antonyms: humble, modest

Example Sentence: He has a supercilious attitude.

10. SMUG (ADJECTIVE): pleased with oneself

Synonyms: complacent, pompous    

Antonyms: unsure, unhappy with oneself

Example Sentence: He is utterly a smug person.

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