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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Coding - Decoding

Mahendra Guru
Coding - Decoding


Coding is the method of transforming the characters in such a way that no third person can understand it. The approach of solving the question of coding:

(a) Observe characters (alphabets/Number/ Symbols) given in the code properly.

(b) Find the pattern and sequence it follows, whether it is ascending, descending or pair based.

(c) Code the asked characters by using the same pattern and sequence.

What are the types of coding???

(a) Letter Coding

(b) Number Coding

(c) Conditional Coding

(d) Substitutional Coding

What is letter coding???

In letter coding, letters are coded in letters by using different patterns and sequence.

Ex.1. In a certain code language, REASONING is written as HZVILTMRM, then how is DIGINOTES written in the same code language?

                                                  Coding - Decoding

What is number coding???

In number coding, letters are coded in numbers by using different patterns and sequence.

Ex.2. In a certain code language “PERSON” is written as “957561”. How will “SHOULD” be written in that code language?

                                               Coding - Decoding

What is conditional coding ???

In conditional coding, few conditions are given in the question, we have to follow the some to code the characters.

Ex: In each of these questions a group of letters is given followed by four combinations of number/symbol numbered (1), (2), (3) & (4). Letters are to be coded as per the scheme and conditions are given below. You have to find out the serial number of the combination, which represents the letter group. The serial number of that combination is your answer. If none of the combinations is correct, your answer is (5) i.e. None of these.

Letters: E Q B K N P L I T C S F H W A

Symbol : 5 * $ 2 © # 4 9 @ 6 1 8 % 7 3

Conditions :

(I) If the first letter is a consonant and the last letter is a vowel, both will be coded as the code for the vowel.

(II) If the first letter is a vowel and the last is a consonant, the codes for these two will be interchange.

(III) If both the first and the last letters are consonants, both will be coded as ‘d’.

(IV) If there are more than two vowels in the group of letters, then all vowels will be coded as’£’.


(1) 2379#4

(2) d379#d

(3) 4379#2

(4) 2379#2

(5) None of these

Sol.(2) According to condition (iii) KAWIPL - d 3 7 9 # d

What is Substitutional Coding???

In substitution coding, one word is replaced by another word, rather than coding in a sequence.

Ex: Read the following information carefully and answer the question given below.

In a certain code “her idea has merit” is written as “ fa lu boo ma”, “merit

list has been displayed” is written as “go he lu si ma”, “her name displayed

there” is written as “ya si boo zo”, and

“name in merit list” is written as “ma ya jho he”.

Q.1. What does “he” stand for ?

(1) name 

(2) in 

(3) there

(4) list 

(5) None of these

Sol.1. (4) he - list

Q.2. What is the code for “been”?

(1) he 

(2) lu 

(3) go

(4) si 

(5) None of these

Sol.2. (3) been – go


Q.1. In a certain code language, UNION is written as WLKQL, then how is PERSON written in the same code language?





Q.2. In a certain code language, DIGITAL is written as GKHISYI, then how is PRINTER written in the same code language?






Q.3. In a certain code language, BLOCK is written as NDLIA, then how is UNION written in the same code language?

(2) PWRLM 


(4) MLRWP 



Q.1.(2) Vowel + 2 and consonant -2



Q.4-5. In a certain code language,

‘alarm forest cuddle morning’ is written as ‘%f6 !m7 #a5 @c6’,

‘sight fire making criticism’ is written as ‘#c9 @f4 %s5 !m6’,

‘raising centre recent alarm’ is written as ‘@c6 %r6 #a5 !r7’, and

‘strike arm ignoring sight’ is written as ‘!i8 %s5 @s6 #a3’.

Q.4 What is the code for ‘raising’? 

1) !r7

2) @c6

3) #a5

4) %r6

5) Cannot be determined

Q.5 What is the code for ‘fire arm morning’? 

1) @c6 !m6 %s5

2) #a3 !i8 @c6

3) @f4 !m7 #a3

4) None of these

5) Cannot be determined


Q.4 (1) 

Q.5 (3)


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