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Thursday, 29 June 2017


Mahendra Guru : Online Videos For Govt. Exams
 THE HINDU VOCABULARY | 29.06.2017 |

1. CULPABLE (ADJECTIVE): blameworthy

Synonyms: wrong, guilty  
Antonyms: innocent, clean

Example Sentence: Their decision to do nothing makes them culpable.


Synonyms: conclusion, completion 

Antonyms: introduction, beginning

Example Sentence: This week’s events are the culmination of a long-running row between the two countries.

3. CULL (VERB): select 

Synonyms: collect, gather 

Antonyms: scatter, disperse 

Example Sentence: All this information had been culled from radio reports.

4. CRYPTIC (ADJECTIVE): obscure in meaning

Synonyms: secret, mysterious 

Antonyms: certain, clear

Example Sentence: I wondered just what he meant by that cryptic remark.


Synonyms: casual, slight 

Antonyms: careful, perfect

Example Sentence: There is no need to proofread the content but a cursory glance is required.

6. DAFT (ADJECTIVE): stupid 

Synonyms: absurd, asinine 

Antonyms: brainy, bright 

Example Sentence: He does any job as a daft boy.

7. DWINDLE (VERB): lessen 

Synonyms: fall, decline 

Antonyms: increase, grow

Example Sentence: The factory's workforce has dwindled.

8. DURESS (NOUN): pressure

Synonyms: threat, constraint 

Antonyms: freedom, liberty

Example Sentence: Her confession had been made under duress.

9. DUMBFOUND (VERB): amaze

Synonyms: stun, confuse 

Antonyms: clarify, explain

Example Sentence: The question dumbfounded him.

10. DULCET (ADJECTIVE): pleasing 

Synonyms: musical, charming 

Antonyms: harsh, odious

Example Sentence: The dulcet voice of my Head of the department proves his simplicity.

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