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Sunday, 18 June 2017


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 THE HINDU VOCABULARY | 14.06.2017 |

1. CONTINENCE (NOUN): chastity

Synonyms: moderation, self-control     Antonyms: indulgence, excess

Example Sentence:

My continence gave me the strength to avoid the dessert table.

2. CONTRAVENE (VERB):  go against
Synonyms: break, violate        Antonyms: allow, approve
Example Sentence:
She said the article did not contravene the industry's code of conduct.

3. CONTRITION (NOUN): feeling of regret for one's sins or misdeeds
Synonyms: compunction, contriteness            Antonyms: meanness, indifference
Example Sentence:
 The next day he'd be full of contrition for hurting her.

4. CONTUMACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): Obstinately disobedient or rebellious

Synonyms: headstrong, obstinate     Antonyms: subordinate, tractable

Example Sentence:

The contumacious teammate was kicked off the team for not following the leader’s orders.

5. CONTUMELY (NOUN): unpleasant behavior or language
Synonyms: insult, abuse     Antonyms:  respect, praise

Example Sentence:

Although my sister is a very nice person, she speaks with contumely when she is angry.

6. CONTUSION (NOUN): wound

Synonyms: bruise, injury        Antonyms: cure, compensation
Example Sentence:

He had lacerations and contusions all over his arm and shoulder.

7. CONVERSANT (ADJECTIVE): familiar with

Synonyms: experienced, acquainted              Antonyms: ignorant, inexperienced

Example Sentence: 

These businessmen are not conversant with basic scientific principles.

8. CONVIVIAL (ADJECTIVE): fun-loving

Synonyms: jolly, hearty       Antonyms: apathetic, lethargic

Example Sentence:

What a convivial weather today is!

9. CORONATION (NOUN):  the act or ceremony

Synonyms: crowning, inauguration Antonyms:  deposition, dismissal

Example Sentence:

During the coronation of Bhalaldev, the people of Mahishmati expressed their anger by appreciating Bahubali.

10. CORRELATION (NOUN): equivalence

Synonyms: reciprocity, interrelationship     Antonyms: difference, disconnection

Example Sentence:

There is a correlation between smoking and lung cancer.

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