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Friday, 16 June 2017


Mahendra Guru : Online Videos For Govt. Exams
 THE HINDU VOCABULARY | 14.06.2017 |

1. UNPRECEDENTED (ADJECTIVE): never done or known before

Synonyms: uncommon, peculiar      Antonyms: common, ordinary

Example sentence:

I was trapped in an unprecedented situation.

2. COALITION (NOUN): alliance

Synonyms: amalgam, combination    Antonyms: disunion, division

Example sentence:

Both of them were in a great coalition.

3. ELICIT (VERB): bring out

Synonyms: evoke, extract                Antonyms: repress, supress

Example sentence:

He elicited the wrong thought all together.

4. COBBLE (VERB): assemble

Synonyms: complete, fabricate     Antonyms: demolish, ruin

Example sentence:

The kid cobbled the pieces together.

5. LADEN (ADJECTIVE): encumbered

Synonyms: burdened, hampered    Antonyms: unloaded, light

Example sentence:

He was laden with various tasks.

6. AVOIDABLE (ADJECTIVE): preventable

Synonyms: needless, avertible       Antonyms: necessary, needed

Example sentence:

This accident was entirely avoidable.

7. PITFALLS (NOUN): a hidden danger

Synonyms: difficulty, peril            Antonyms: safety, security

Example sentence:

There are several pitfalls of buying goods online.

8. MANDATE (NOUN): command

Synonyms: authority, decree      Antonyms: denial, refusal

Example sentence:

My grandmother has the mandate to supervise the rest of the family.

9. FIZZLE (VERB): abort

Synonyms: misfire, wane         Antonyms: grow, increase

Example sentence:

He fizzled the process.

10. SWATHE (VERB): cover

Synonyms: wrap, bind         Antonyms: reveal, uncover

Example sentence:

His legs were swathed in a sheet. 

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