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Monday, 12 June 2017


Mahendra Guru : Online Videos For Govt. Exams
 THE HINDU VOCABULARY | 12.06.2017 |

1. UPBEAT (ADJECTIVE): buoyant

Synonyms: happy, cheery      Antonyms: depressed, discouraged

Example Sentence: 

He is a very upbeat person.

2. SPUR (NOUN): incitement

Synonyms: catalyst, excitant    Antonyms: deterrent, hindrance

Example Sentence:

Redundancy is the spur for many to embark on new careers.

3. CAUTION (NOUN): alertness

Synonyms: attention, discretion           Antonyms: negligence, ignorance

Example Sentence:

She is applying pesticides with great caution.

4. DURABLE (ADJECTIVE): dependable

Synonyms: enduring, lasting            Antonyms: temporary, ephemeral

Example Sentence: 

Mexican spices are pretty much durable.

5. BUTTRESS (VERB): bolster

Synonyms: reinforce, uphold           Antonyms: undermine, weaken

Example Sentence: 

 His tough line is buttressed by a democratic mandate.

6. EXPANSION (NOUN): growth

Synonyms: extension, increase            Antonyms: compression, abridgement
Example Sentence:

He made an expansion in his business.

7. REVIVE (VERB): energize

Synonyms: encourage, invigorate        Antonyms: dissuade, discourage

Example Sentence: 

Patriotic song revived all of us.

8. EFFECTIVE (ADJECTIVE): impressive

Synonyms: competent, useful    Antonyms: insufficient, ineffective

Example Sentence:

Her effective speech had blown everybody away.


Synonyms: troublesome, disturbing     Antonyms: well-behaved, disciplined

Example Sentence: 

This disruptive activity made me restless all over the night.

10. CREDIBILITY (NOUN): integrity

Synonyms: reliability, plausibility    Antonyms: improbability, implausibility

Example Sentence: 

There should be some credibility with every agreement.

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