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Wednesday, 7 June 2017


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  THE HINDU VOCABULARY | 05.06.2017 |

1.  REGIME (NOUN): administration

Synonyms: government, reign          

Antonyms: disorganisation, mismanagement

Example Sentence: 

Greater ties with other countries are a strong proof of impactful regime.

2. DIFFERENTIAL (NOUN): contrast

Synonyms: difference, divergence       

Antonyms: accord, same

Example Sentence:

There is the differential between petrol and diesel prices.

3. CLUSTER (NOUN): group

Synonyms: array, band               

Antonyms: individual, one

Example Sentence:

I saw clusters of orange flowers.

4. CONSUMPTION (NOUN): devouring

Synonyms: utilization, expenditure               Antonyms: growth, improvement

Example Sentence: 

Rate of energy consumption is very high in this country.

5. ANOMALY (NOUN): aberration

Synonyms: abnormality, irregularity               

Antonyms: conformity, regularity

Example Sentence: 

This kid is born with anomaly.

6. DAMPEN (VERB): moisten

Synonyms: dabble, bedew                 

Antonyms: dry, dehydrate

Example Sentence:

Owing to excessive watering, this area has now became dampen.

7. PAUCITY (NOUN): absence

Synonyms: dearth, inadequacy             

Antonyms: affluence, abundance

Example Sentence: 

There has been paucity of water in this area.

8. EXEMPTION (NOUN): exclusion

Synonyms: dispensation, release      

Antonyms: liability, responsibility

Example Sentence:

Vehicles may qualify for exemption from tax.

9. CRITICAL (ADJECTIVE): condemning

Synonyms: unfavourable, disparaging       

Antonyms: laudatory, praising

Example Sentence: 

The judge made critical remarks on his speech.

10. SLATED (ADJECTIVE): scheduled

Synonyms: contracted, reserved    

Antonyms: free, liberated

Example Sentence: 

London shows are slated for late July.

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