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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

English Language Questions | RBI GRADE "B" AND NICL AO 2017 | 07.06.2017

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Q.1-10. Read each sentence given below and find out whether there is an error in it. The error if any will be one of the parts of the sentence which are marked as 1,2,3 and 4. If there is no error, the answer will be (5) i.e. No error. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any)

1- A large posse of police personnel was deployed as (1)/ hundreds of youth from different parts of the state started (2)/ thronging the village after news spread that Jallikattu would be (3)/ conducted defying the Supreme Court ban. (4)/ No error (5)

Answer- (2) use ‘youths’ instead of ‘youth’

2- Bilateral relations coast on diplomatic (1)/ niceties and joint statements invariable (2)/ use flowery language to describe (3)/ relationships in the best possible terms (4)/ No error (5)

Answer- (2) use ‘invariably’ instead of ‘invariable’

3- Eight men own the same wealth as half the world's population, (1)/ a level of inequality why "threatens to pull our societies apart", Oxfam said ahead (2)/ of the World Economic Forum (3)/ opening in Davos. (4)/ No error (5)

Answer- (2) use ‘which’ instead of ‘why’

4- Nearly Rs 5,000 crore has been collected so far through (1)/ District Mineral Foundation (DMF), which will utilised by the states for (2)/ the development of places and people (3)/ affected by mining-related operations. (4)/ No error (5)

Answer- (2) use ‘will be’ instead of ‘will’

5- Gold prices recovered by Rs 150 to Rs 29,500 per 10 grams (1)/ at the bullion market, (2)/ tracking a firm trend overseas (3)/ amid fresh buying by local jewellers. (4)/ No error (5)

Answer- (5) No error

6- The Supreme Court chastised several state (1)/ for not filing their responses (2)/ on a PIL seeking installation of speed (3)/ governors in public transport vehicles. (4)/ No error (5)

Answer- (1) use ‘states’

7- Army Chief said jawans who take (1)/ to social media to express their complaints (2)/ could be punished as his act lowers the morale (3)/ of those guarding the frontiers of the country. (4)/ No error (5)

Answer- (3) use ‘their’ instead of ‘his’

8- Prime Minister sanctioned Rs 2 lakh (1)/ each of the next of kin of (2)/ those killed in Patna boat tragedy (3)/ from the PM National Relief Fund. (4)/ No error (5)

Answer- (2) use ‘to’ instead of ‘of’

9- Top central ministers, along the security officials, (1)/ reviewed the prevailing situation in Manipur where (2)/ a 75-day economic blockade on national highways (3)/ has crippled normal life. (4)/ No error (5)

Answer- (1) use ‘with’ after ‘along’

10- As much as 58 houses were (1)/ gutted in a massive fire at Tangnu village (2)/ in Rohroo area, rendering around 216 persons (3)/ homeless and over a dozen cattle dead. (4)/ No error (5)

Answer- (1) use ‘many’ instead of ‘much’

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