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Friday, 14 April 2017

SSC CGL 2017 | POLITY QUIZ | 14.04.2017

Mahendra Guru
SSC CGL 2017 | POLITY QUIZ | 14.04.2017

1. The question hour in the parliament means?

a)The first hour of the sitting of both houses

b)The second hour of the sitting of both houses

c)The last hour of the sitting of both the houses

d)The lunch hour of the sitting of both the houses

2. During whose viceroyalty was the Repressive Act,also known as Gagging Act enacted?

a)Lord Morley

b)Lord Ripon

c)Lord Lytton

d)Lord Curzon

3. “soul of the constitution” has been guaranteed by which among the following Article?

a) Art-19

b) Art-40

c) Art-32


4. which committee/commission examined the centre and state relationship?

a) Ashok Mehta committee

b) Indirajit Gupta committee

c) Sarkaria commission

d) N.N Vohra committee

5. Comptroller and Auditor General of india is appointed by the?

a) Prime Minister

b) President

c) Finance minister

d) Lok sabha

6. “zero Hour” is the working of the indian parliament means?

a) Hour before the Question Hour

b)The first hour of the session

c) Interval between Question Hour and next Agenda

d) When privilege motion is accepted

7. The maximum strength of Rajya Sabha is?




8. Trade monopoly of the East india company came to an end through which act?

a) Charter Act of 1833

b)Pitts India Act of 1784

c)Charter Act of 1813

d)Regulating Act of 1773

9. Constitution of India was adopted by constituent assembly on?

a)25 October,1948

b)25 October,1949

c)26 November,1948

d)26 November,1949

10. For the first Indian Legislature was made “Bi-cameral” under

a)Government of India Act,1861

b)Government of India Act,1892

c)Government of india Act,1915

d)Government of India Act,1919 


1.(a) 2.(c) 3.(c) 4.(c) 5.(b) 6.(c) 7.(c) 8.(c) 9.(d) 10.(d)

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