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Friday, 21 April 2017

General Awareness Questions | NIACL Assistant 2017 | 21.04.2017

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  General Awareness Questions | NIACL Assistant 2017 | 21.04.2017

1. The newly appointed adviser to Odisha government on public health programmes, K Srinath Reddy is the receiver of which prestigious civilian award?
a) Bharat Ratna
b) Padma Vibushan 
c) Padma Bhushan
d) Padma Shri
e) None

2. Citizens of which Asian country have been temporarily banned from leaving North Korea?
a) South Korea
b) Malaysia
c) China 
d) Japan
e) None

3. Which country has violated UN’s ban on developing missile technology, prompting UN Security Council to call for an emergency meeting?
a) Iran
b) Russia
c) China
d) North Korea
e) None

4. US President Donald Trump’s new executive order spared which Muslim majority country from the immigration ban?
a) Iran
b) Iraq
c) Sudan
d) Yemen
e) None

5. Rene Preval, who passed away, recently, had served as the President of which of the following countries?
a) Cuba
b) Jamaica
c) Dominican Republic
d) Haiti
e) None

6. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently released a special commemorative postage stamp on 100 years of Yogoda Satsang Math. The Math is located at
a) Kozhikode, Kerala
b) Dwarahat, Uttarakhand
c) Dakshineswar, Kolkata, West Bengal
d) Ranchi, Jharkhand
e) None

7. The Union Cabinet recently approved the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between India and the United Nations Entity of Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN-Women). The headquarters of the UN-Women are located in which of the following cities?
a) Geneva
b) New York City 
c) Zurich
d) Washington DC
e) None

8. Name the socialist politician and former Lok Sabha speaker who passed away recently.
a) Rabi Ray
b) Balram Jakhar
c) Shivraj Patil
d) GMC Balayogi
e) None

9. The West Bengal Clinical Establishments Bill, 2017 passed by state assembly will replace which bill?
a) West Bengal Clinical Establishments Bill, 2010
b) Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Bill, 2001
c) West Bengal Clinical Care Commission Bill, 1999
d) Clinical Research & Education Bill, 2007
e) None

10. Syed Shahabuddin, who died recently, belonged to which field?
a) Science
b) Politics
c) Journalism
d) Education
e) None


1. (c) Padma Bhushan
2. (b) Malaysia
3. (d) North Korea
4. (b) Iraq
5. (d) Haiti
6. (c) Dakshineswar, Kolkata, West Bengal
7. (b) New York City
8. (a) Rabi Ray
9. (a) West Bengal Clinical Establishments Bill, 2010
10. (b) Politics

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