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Thursday, 20 April 2017

English Language Questions | NIACL Assistant 2017 | 20.04.2017

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  English Language Questions | NIACL Assistant 2017 | 20.04.2017

Directions (1-10) :Read each sentence to find out whether ere is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (5). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.) 

1. Higher Education Minister, who inaugurated (1)/ the programme at the Siddaram Jambaldinni Rangamandir here, (2)/said that the government was committed to ensuring (3)/uplift of Dalits, minorities and other backward classes, with concrete programmes. (4)/No error(5)

Ans- 1 use ‘the’ before ‘higher Education’

2. A spokesman of the Hurriyat(1)/ said security forces detained (2)/all senior separatist and other(3)/ leaders were placed under house arrest. (4)/No error(5)

Ans- 3 use ‘separatists’ instead of ‘separatist’

3. New language in the Treasury report citing a history(1)/ of currency intervention in China, South Korea and (2)/Taiwan is in line with what experts say could be(3)/ eventually changes to the criteria aimed at deterring future manipulation. (4)/No error.(5)

Ans-4 use ‘eventual’ instead of ‘eventually’

4. The report won’t have an impact on(1)/ the upcoming Japan-U.S. economic dialogue(2)/ next week, but the U.S. administrations focuses(3)/ on the trade deficit is something to keep an eye on. (4)/No error(5)

Ans-3 use ‘focus’ instead of ‘focuses’

5. The airline spent the week scrambling to contain(1)/ the fallout from a video that emerged on social media showing(2)/ security officers dragging a bloodied passenger off(3)/ an overbook United Express flight in Chicago. (4)/No error(5)

Ans- 4 use ‘overbooked’ instead of ‘overbook’

6. The predominantly Shiite Foua (1)/and Kfraya have remained loyal to the(2)/ Syrian government while the surrounding Idlib province(3)/ have come under hard-line Sunni, rebel rule. (4)/No error. (5)

Ans- 4 use ‘has’ instead of ‘have’

7. The Chief Minister, who was(1)/ under pressure from sections within(2)/ his own party, should get some additional breathing(3)/ space till the Assembly election next year. (4)/No error(5)

Ans- 5 No error

8. Even so, these will inevitably be(1)/ interpreted as indicators of the public(2)/ mood, especially when four of the States, which held (3)/by-elections, are due for Assembly elections from the end of 2018. (4)/No error.(5)

Ans- 4 use ‘by’ instead of ‘from’

9. The superyacht’s defining feature, however, (1)/ may be at the stern of the vessel, the designers (2)/have created a faux beachfront when passengers can(3)/ dip their toes in salt water that laps upon the simulated shore. (4)/No error(5)

Ans-3 use ‘where’ instead of ‘when’

10. They have proposed an over-arching(1)/ science and technology body that (2)/marries research and industry, and (3)/will report directly to the Prime Minister. (4)/No error(5)

Ans- 5 No error

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